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Evolution Of Primate Abo Blood Group Genes And Their Homologous Genes Free eBook Download

Genes, Culture, And Human Evolution

Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution: A Synthesisis a textbook on human evolution that offers students a unique combination of cultural anthropology and genetics. Written by two geneticists---including...

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Genes 9

From renowned author Benjamin Lewin comes the newest edition of his classic text, Genes IX. For decades Lewin has provided the teaching community with the most cutting edge presentation of molecular b...

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Not By Genes Alone

Humans are a striking anomaly in the natural world. While we are similar to other mammals in many ways, our behavior sets us apart. Our unparalleled ability to adapt has allowed us to occupy virtually every habitat on earth using an incredible variet...

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Genes IX

Chapter 1. Genes are DNA -- Chapter 2. Genes code for proteins -- Chapter 3. The interrupted gene -- Chapter 4. The content of the genome -- Chapter 5. Genome Sequences and Gene Numbers -- Chapter 6. ...

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Genes & Genomes

The celebrated authors present an in-depth overview of the molecular structures and mechanisms that underlie the utilization of genetic information by complex organisms. They emphasize the experimenta...

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Trading In Genes

Few scientific developments have given rise to as much controversy as biotechnology. Numerous groups are united in their opposition, expressing concern over environmental and health risks, impacts on rural livelihoods, the economic dominance of multi...

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Mood Genes

A leading psychiatrist and biological researcher describes the fascinating hunt for genes--called mood genes--that influence the inherited vulnerability to severe mood disorders including manic depres...

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Genes, Genesis, And God

Argues that the phenomena of religion can not be reduced to the phenomena of biology.

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Dealing With Genes

This text is a primer on modern genetics, and shows how a detailed knowledge of the workings of genes can be applied to some of the most pressing problems of our time. It is suitable for general reade...

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Lewin's Genes XI

Molecular Biology is a rapidly advancing field with a constant flow of new information and cutting-edge developements that impact our lives. Lewin's GENES has long been the essential resource for providing the teaching community with the most modern ...

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Genes And Signals

Genes & Signals analyzes gene regulation from a new perspective. The first chapter describes mechanisms found in bacteria, and two subsequent chapters discuss which of these is most highly exploited i...

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Gender And Genes

This Yearbook of Women's History (Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis) is dedicated to Gender and Genes. Intruding upon our everyday lives, the world of DNA, genes and genomics has become a challenging ...

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Blue Genes

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Lewin's GENES X

The fields of molecular biology and molecular genetics is rapidly changing with new data acquired daily and new insights into well-studied processes presented on a scale of weeks or months rather than years. For decades Lewin's GENES has provided the...

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Genes, Development And Cancer

Edward B. Lewis' science is the bridge linking experimental genetics as conducted in the first half of the twentieth century, and the powerful molecular genetic approaches that revolutionized the fiel...

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Genes, Trade, And Regulation

Agricultural (or "green") biotechnology is a source of growing tensions in the global trading system, particularly between the United States and the European Union. Genetically modified food faces an ...

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Sex Genes And Rock 'N Roll

Why are people getting fatter? Why do so many rock stars end up dead at 27? Is there any hope of curbing population growth, rampant consumerism and the environmental devastation they wreak? Evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks argues that the origins of...

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Plants, Genes, And Agriculture

Jones and Bartlett and the American Society of Plant Biologists have teamed up for the second edition. This book integrates many fields to help students understand the complexity of the basic science ...

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Genes And Common Diseases

The aim of this book is to present an up-to-date view of the role of genetics in modern medicine.

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Atoms, Bytes And Genes

"Atom," "byte" and "gene" are metonymies for techno-scientific developments of the 20th century: nuclear power, computing and genetic engineering. Resistance continues to challenge these developments in public opinion. This book traces historical deb...

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