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Ace The GRE Writing Assessment

If you're one of the 500,000 students who will take the GRE this year, you know the stakes are high. Your score can determine whether you get into your ideal school-or settle for second-best. And the Writing Assessment is the hardest part of the test...

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Obesity Assessment

This book provides reference points for researcher, clinicians and educators for assessing obesity in different individuals and populations. it serves as a ready reference for selected measures of wei...

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Advanced Assessment

The 2nd Edition of this AJN Book of the Year takes readers beyond the identification of physical assessment abnormalities to guide them through the process needed to arrive at a differential diagnosis. Its complaint-focused presentation makes it the ...

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European Practice Assessment EPA

EPA Information Paper Jan 2008. 2008- TOPAS Europe. 2. While quality indicators are the heart of EPA, there are also other important elements in EPA.

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Assessment Of Prior Learning

Until now assessors have not had the material they need to guide them through the process of assessing prior learning. Malcolm Day brings together the experience of specialists in this field from Canada, the US and South Africa where this has been a ...

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Psychological Assessment Of Veterans

Psychological assessment is practiced in wide-ranging settings to address the varied clinical and administrative needs of veteran populations. Such assessment blends record review, clinical interviews of the veteran and collateral sources of informat...

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Handbook Of Personality Assessment

This comprehensive, balanced guide to personality assessment, written by two of the foremost experts in the field, is sure to become the gold standard of texts on this topic. The Handbook of Personality Assessment covers everything from the basics, i...

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Core Assessment And Training

Written for coaches and fitness professionals, "Core Assessment and Training" includes photos, illustrations, and instructions for more than 120 exercises. A DVD accompanying the text features video demonstrations that help readers review proper tech...

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Handbook Of Workplace Assessment

This definitive reference on workplace assessment for HR professionals features comprehensive overviews and best practices for all types of assessments for the selection, development, and development ...

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Health Care Needs Assessment

Covering the whole entire disease and service areas, this book explains the "epidemiological approach" to needs assessment, and the effectiveness and availability of services. It describes the central...

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The Art Of Software Security Assessment

“There are a number of secure programming books on the market, but none that go as deep as this one. The depth and detail exceeds all books that I know about by an order of magnitude.” —Halvar F...

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Assessment Of Corrosion Education

The threat from the degradation of materials in the engineered products that drive our economy, keep our citizenry healthy, and keep us safe from terrorism and belligerent threats has been well docume...

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Process Assessment And Improvement

Process Assessment and Improvement: A Practical Guide For Managers, Quality Professionals and Assessors provides the reader with a powerful and practical approach to improving their organization throu...

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Early Reading Assessment

This indispensable resource offers a cutting-edge framework and practical tools for screening and assessing K-2 students at risk for reading problems. Provided are critical reviews of 42 specific meas...

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ACT Assessment REA The Very Best Coaching And Study Course For The ACT

Offers five full-length practice tests; math, reading, English, and science subject reviews, and strategies for succeeding at the ACT.

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Neuromusculoskeletal Examination And Assessment

Printed book plus PageburstTM access - you will receive a printed book and access to the complete book content electronically. PageburstTM enhances learning by not only bringing world class content to your fingertips but also letting you add to it, a...

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Assessment Of Couples And Families

This book represents an up-to-date, comprehensive survey of the major contemporary and cutting-edge tools and strategies used in the clinical assessment of couples and families.

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Biological Assessment And Criteria

Biological Assessment and Criteria presents a state-of-the-art overview of the applications of biological assessments and biocriteria for water quality management in fresh waters. The book presents ca...

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Advanced Pediatric Assessment

Advanced Pediatric Assessment provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to obtaining the history and physical examination of children. It addresses the unique anatomic and physiologic differences between infants, children and adults so that PNPs...

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Global Energy Assessment

Independent, scientifically based, integrated, policy-relevant analysis of current and emerging energy issues for specialists and policymakers in academia, industry, government.

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