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Early Reading Assessment

This indispensable resource offers a cutting-edge framework and practical tools for screening and assessing K-2 students at risk for reading problems. Provided are critical reviews of 42 specific meas...

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Wind Resource Assessment

"This is a practical , authoritative guide for the most important phase in developing a wind energy project"--

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Assessment Of Corrosion Education

The threat from the degradation of materials in the engineered products that drive our economy, keep our citizenry healthy, and keep us safe from terrorism and belligerent threats has been well docume...

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Health Care Needs Assessment

Covering the whole entire disease and service areas, this book explains the "epidemiological approach" to needs assessment, and the effectiveness and availability of services. It describes the central...

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Nutritional Assessment Of Athletes

Evaluating dietary intake, determining energy metabolism, and conducting other nutritional assessments are essential in understanding the relationships between diet, exercise, health, and physical performance, especially in athletes. The first compre...

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Process Assessment And Improvement

Process Assessment and Improvement: A Practical Guide For Managers, Quality Professionals and Assessors provides the reader with a powerful and practical approach to improving their organization throu...

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Paradigms Of Personality Assessment

This book is a uniquely integrative introduction to adult personality assessment that will engage graduate and undergraduate students.

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A Practical Guide To Needs Assessment

This thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling resource A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment offers a practical and comprehensive guide for practitioners who are responsible for Introducing a training program Creating adult education programs A...

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Assessment Of Chemical Exposures

Traditionally, industrial hygienists and environmental engineers have been responsible for conducting chemical exposure assessments, however, this task is now becoming a team effort taken on by scient...

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State Assessment Systems:

Educators and policy makers in the United States have relied on tests to measure educational progress for more than 150 years, and have used the results for many purposes. They have tried minimum competency testing; portfolios; multiple-choice items,...

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the most important tools employed in contemporary environmental management. Presenting the component activities of EIA within a coherent methodological framework, Environmental Impact Assessment: A Meth...

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Biological Assessment And Criteria

Biological Assessment and Criteria presents a state-of-the-art overview of the applications of biological assessments and biocriteria for water quality management in fresh waters. The book presents ca...

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Core Assessment And Training

Written for coaches and fitness professionals, "Core Assessment and Training" includes photos, illustrations, and instructions for more than 120 exercises. A DVD accompanying the text features video demonstrations that help readers review proper tech...

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Groundwater Resources Assessment

The development of environmentally sound groundwater resources has recently become a high priority throughout the world. Many countries are currently developing comprehensive regulations for the management of groundwater resources. Within this framew...

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Assessment In Secondary Schools

The entire text is devoted to assessment and therefore it is able to offer an in-depth consideration of aspects of assessment which exercise teachers at the beginning of their career, for example the relationship between assessment and learning, how ...

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Network Security Assessment

How secure is your network? The best way to find out is to attack it. Network Security Assessment provides you with the tricks and tools professional security consultants use to identify and assess ri...

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Psychological Assessment Of Veterans

Psychological assessment is practiced in wide-ranging settings to address the varied clinical and administrative needs of veteran populations. Such assessment blends record review, clinical interviews of the veteran and collateral sources of informat...

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Global Energy Assessment

Independent, scientifically based, integrated, policy-relevant analysis of current and emerging energy issues for specialists and policymakers in academia, industry, government.

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The Assessment Of Doctoral Education

Following the growing commitment to assessment at the undergraduate level, doctoral programs are now grappling with what accountability means for them. This book provides a foundation for faculty and ...

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Competency Assessment Methods

"This monograph presents a brief history, current state of the art, and applications of 'competency' approaches to selection and human resources management."--T.p. verso.

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