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Assessment For Reading Instruction

Presents a guide for educators on administering, scoring, and interpreting tests for assessing the reading ability of their students and using the results to improve their reading instruction.

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European Practice Assessment EPA

EPA Information Paper Jan 2008. 2008- TOPAS Europe. 2. While quality indicators are the heart of EPA, there are also other important elements in EPA.

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The Art Of Software Security Assessment

“There are a number of secure programming books on the market, but none that go as deep as this one. The depth and detail exceeds all books that I know about by an order of magnitude.” —Halvar F...

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Offshore Risk Assessment Vol 1.

Offshore Risk Assessment was the first book to deal with quantified risk assessment (QRA) as applied specifically to offshore installations and operations. Risk assessment techniques have been used for more than three decades in the offshore oil and ...

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The Biomass Assessment Handbook

The increasing importance of biomass as a renewable energy source has lead to an acute need for reliable and detailed information on its assessment, consumption and supply. Responding to this need, and overcoming the lack of standardized measurement ...

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Life Cycle Assessment

"Addresses the dynamic and dialectic of building and ecology, presenting the key theories and techniques surrounding the use of life cycle assessment data and methods ... a guide for architects, engineers, and builders, presenting the principles and ...

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Psychological And Developmental Assessment

This volume presents an integrative framework for conducting individualized assessments of children and adolescents with a wide range of disabilities and chronic conditions. Expert contributors first provide an overview of the field, reviewing genera...

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Early Childhood Assessment:

The assessment of young children's development and learning has recently taken on new importance. Private and government organizations are developing programs to enhance the school readiness of all young children, especially children from economicall...

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Health Needs Assessment In Practice

This is a practical introduction to understanding and undertaking health needs assessment, a key issue in primary care. The different assessment methods, including surveys and patient views, are given...

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Assessment Of Prior Learning

Until now assessors have not had the material they need to guide them through the process of assessing prior learning. Malcolm Day brings together the experience of specialists in this field from Canada, the US and South Africa where this has been a ...

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Advanced Pediatric Assessment

Advanced Pediatric Assessment provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to obtaining the history and physical examination of children. It addresses the unique anatomic and physiologic differences between infants, children and adults so that PNPs...

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Violence Assessment And Intervention

Behavioral science has revealed a wealth of information concerning violence assessment in a wide variety of situations, but the challenge confronted by those dealing with potentially hostile populations is the effective application of this knowledge....

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EPA Environmental Assessment Sourcebook

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsors constant publication of the latest soil and groundwater contamination studies. Editor J. Russell Boulding has compiled the most recent and the best of these documents in the EPA Environmental Assessm...

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Assessment In Cognitive Therapy

This volume brings together leading experts to explore the state of the art of cognitive clinical assessment and identify cutting-edge approaches of interest to clinicians and researchers. The book highlights fundamental problems concerning the valid...

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Self Assessment Questions In Rheumatology

This book illustrates, in a succinct question and answer format, a variety of different scenarios of rheumatic disease. In its discussion of common and uncommon cases, the book presents the seasoned e...

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Assessment Skills For Paramedics

A concise and accessible text designed for paramedics and student paramedics looking for a quick reference guide to key assessment skills

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Assessment Schedule NPTC

NPTC Level 2 Award in Tractor Driving and Related Operations (QCF). Candidate sector, but in particular agricultural, horticultural, equine, game keeping and .

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Rapid Psychological Assessment

This concise, comprehensive, completely practical guide is especially geared to the needs of clinicians who perform assessments of children, adults, and the elderly. It provides easy access to sensible methods of selecting, administering, interpretin...

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Handbook Of Psychological Assessment

The most highly acclaimed and complete reference work on psychological assessment-fully updated and expanded Covering principles of assessment, evaluation, referral, treatment planning, and report wri...

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Handbook Of Forensic Assessment

The first handbook to explore forensic assessment from psychiatric and psychological perspectives "The editors have assembled a magnificent collaboration between psychiatrists and psychologists to bring forth critical knowledge and insight to the cor...

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