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A Book About You

SynopsisIf only life came with an operator's manual; How many times have you wished that? How many times have you asked, Why do things go wrong for me? Why do certain things tend to happen to me? How can I change my life for the better? What the heck...

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The R Book

Hugely successful and popular text presenting an extensive and comprehensive guide for all R users The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software packages, ...

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The First Book Of The Mac

Here's the first word on Macintosh, complete with all essential Mac information. Performance tips and techniques make sure Mac beginners get started quickly--and coverage of desktop publishing, spread...

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The Bra Book

According to a September 2006 episode of the The Oprah Winfrey Show, countless American women are in need of a serious “bra intervention.” Eighty-five percent of women are wearing the wrong bra. What else don’t we know about which one is the ri...

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The Little PC Book

Provides information about choosing and setting up a personal computer, getting online, and using Microsoft Windows XP.

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The ground beneath the book publishing industry dramatically shifted in 2007, the year the Kindle and the iPhone debuted. Widespread consumer demand for these and other devices has brought the pace of digital change in book publishing from "it might ...

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The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need

This popular and practical text presents all the information clinicians need to use the EKG in everyday practice and interpret hypertrophy and enlargement, arrhythmias, conduction blocks, pre-excitati...

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The ICU Book

This best-selling resource provides a general overview and basic information for all adult intensive care units. The material is presented in a brief and quick-access format which allows for topic and exam review. It provides enough detailed and spec...

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The Big Book Of HR

Managing people is the most challenging part of any leader's day. And that job certainly is not getting any easier.The Big Book of HRwill provide any HR professional, manager, or business owner of any...

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The HDR Book

When it comes to HDR, only three key ingredients are needed: hardware, software, and post-processing technique. Hardware is simple—there are only a few things you need to set up and shoot an HDR ser...

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Eat This Book

Eugene Peterson maintains that how we read the Bible is as important as that we read it. The second volume of Peterson's momentous five-part work on spiritual theology, Eat This Book challenges us to ...

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It's A Book

A donkey with a laptop computer and a gorilla with a printed book discuss the merits of their preferred formats.

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The IPhone Book

If you're looking for a book that focuses on just the most important, most useful, and most fun stuff about your iPhone 5, 4S, or 4—you've found it. There are basically two types of iPhone books out...

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The Kid's Book Club

Instill a love of books and reading in children even before they have entirely mastered reading skills. Everything you need to start a fun-packed weekly book club at your school or library is included; detailed instructions for planning and conductin...

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The Everything Cartooning Book

No matter what your background, The Everything Cartooning Book is the all-in-one reference to unlock your hidden potential and set you on the fast track toward a rewarding career in cartooning. Profes...

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The Juicing Book

Gives recipes and advocates the use of the juice of fruits and vegetables for reliving certain physical ailments

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Book Online

Next vacation destination, and for giving Long and Foster Resort Rentals . 16th Annual Deep Creek Dunk Freezin' for a Reason. February . Adventure Sports Center International, which hosts the only mountaintop Wii w/Games & Netflix.

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Book Of Medicines

First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Tweet This Book


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The Book Of Psalms

This landmark volume covers the main aspects of modern Psalms study from the formation of individual Psalms down into the first centuries of the Common Era: the formation of the Psalter, individual Psalms and smaller collections, social setting, lite...

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