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"The Entrepreneurial Author" creates a roadmap for all aspiring authors and professionals that guides them through the often treacherous paths of book publishing. This work teaches them how to gain cr...
Title The Entrepreneurial Author
Category Language Arts & Disciplines
Author David L. Hancock
Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Pub Date 2009-10-01
Number of Page 169
ISBN 1933596864
Read 267
Last Read 2016-09-09 20:01:48
Tags The Entrepreneurial State Pdf, Entrepreneurial Finance Review, Entrepreneurial Small Business, Entrepreneurial Business Deloitte, Entrepreneurial Business Opportunities

The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Written by teachers and successful entrepreneurs, this textbook includes guidance, instruction and practical lessons for the prospective entrepreneur.

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The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist

The Third Edition of this classic book is totally updated and expanded. Readers will learn how to start and grow a private practice or consulting business. New topics include service marketing, consul...

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The Entrepreneurial Investor

The Entrepreneurial Investor will inspire you to treat investing like a business and to think of yourself as an owner. Through solid examples and a light narrative, Paul Orfalea skillfully explores the essence of the Entrepreneurial investor, which i...

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The New Entrepreneurial Leader

In years past, the keywords for leaders were confidence, single-minded purpose, and strategic planning. But today’s vastly complex, globalized, and fast-evolving world requires a different kind of leadership. This game-changing book details a new a...

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The Entrepreneurial State

This book, which builds on the Author’s work for a high-impact DEMOS report (substantially developed and extended), debunks the myth of the State as a large bureaucratic organization that can at bes...

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Entrepreneurial Marketing

The first and only guide to a subject of vital interest to every entrepreneur Written by an Author team that brings together the expertise of two leading Wharton academics and an Entrepreneurial superstar, Entrepreneurial Marketing arms entrepreneurs...

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Entrepreneurial Finance

Smith and Smith apply current thinking in the areas of valuation, real options, and the economics of contracts to new venture decision making. Readers learn to think of new ventures as portfolios of r...

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The Entrepreneurial Community College

Develop an Entrepreneurial culture with the best practices discussed inside this resource. Declining public resources, coupled with the demand that we do more with less, make it more of an imperative ...

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Understanding The Entrepreneurial Mind

Interest in the functioning of the human mind can certainly be traced to Plato and Aristotle who often dealt with issues of perceptions and motivations. While the Greeks may have contemplated the human condition, the modern study of the human mind ca...

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Entrepreneurial Financial Management

Thoroughly updated to reflect the impact of the 2008 recession, this new edition presents an applied, realistic view of Entrepreneurial finance for today's entrepreneur. The book provides an integrate...

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