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Capitalism and its by-products -- imperialism, war, neoliberal globalization, racism, poverty and the destruction of community -- are all playing a part in the destruction of our ecosystem. Only now are we beginning to realize the depth of the crisis...
Title The Enemy Of Nature
Category Nature
Author Joel Kovel
Publisher Zed Books
Pub Date 2007-09-15
Number of Page 329
ISBN 1842778714
Read 5
Last Read 2016-07-13 22:49:28
Tags Respect Nature And Nature Will Respect You Essay, Know Thy Enemy Bible, Know The Enemy Green Day, Know The Enemy Quotes, Know Thy Enemy Quote

The Healing Power Of Nature: The Need For Nature For

Mountains of Norwegian/Swedish Border. September 14 -19 . the necessity of being in free Nature and living with the natural rhythms of our earth. Terms literate woman healer who competed for the same urban clientele as that of the.

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The Enemy Among Us

"Life as a POW in the thirty camps scattered across Missouri was a surprisingly pleasant experience. The men ate well and were quartered under the same conditions as the Americans assigned to guard them, and the prisoners often enjoyed a great deal o...

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The Enemy

A sickness has afflicted everyone over the age of 16; anyone who is a 'grown-up' has become a decomposing, brainless creature that survives by feeding on children. The children and teens have barricad...

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An Enemy Among Them

A young Hessian soldier questions his loyalty to his king after fighting with the British in America during the Revolutionary War and spending time as a prisoner in the home of a German American family from Pennsylvania.

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Among The Enemy

HIDE OR FIGHT? Matthias, an illegal third child, is caught in the cross fire between rebels and the Population Police. When he unwittingly saves a Population Police officer, Matthias is brought to Pop...

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"We Are Not The Enemy"

Describes post-September 11 violence directed against Arabs and Muslims in the United States and local, state, and federal government responses.

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The Far Enemy

Presents a detailed scholarly study of doctrinaire militant Islamists (jihadists), with a particular emphasis on al Qaeda.

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The Enemy Within

The encounter with the Enemy within is inevitable for all those who would advance on the spiritual path. It is known in esoteric literature as the dweller-on-the-threshold. This title helps to learn how to unmask the not-self and fulfill your highest...

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Know Thy Enemy

Profiles the personalities and strategic cultures of some of the United States' most dangerous international rivals.

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In The Enemy's Arms

It was supposed to be a routine trip to Cozumel to provide medical care for the orphaned girls of La Casa. But instead of the bustling joy of a full house, Dr. Cate Calloway finds silence, threats—a...

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