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The Metropolitan Museum's collection of Chinese Buddhist and Daoist sculpture is the largest in the Western world. In this volume, archaeological discoveries and scientific testing and analysis serve ...
Title Wisdom Embodied
Category Buddhist sculpture
Author Denise Patry Leidy
Publisher Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pub Date 2010-01-01
Number of Page 248
ISBN 1588393992
Read 300
Last Read 2015-08-02 07:40:57
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Buddhahood Embodied

Provides many new translations of original texts formative of Mahayana concepts of Enlightenment and resolves the 1200-year-old controversy between Indian and Tibetan views of the meaning of buddhahood.

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Embodied Modernities

By facilitating fresh dialogue between fields as diverse as the history of science, literary studies, diaspora studies, cultural anthropology, and contemporary Chinese film and cultural studies, Embodied Modernities addresses contemporary Chinese emb...

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Embodied Interaction

Leading international scholars provide a coherent framework for analyzing body movement and talk in the production of meaning.

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Leadership Embodied

The Leadership, Ethics, and Law Department (LEL) of the U.S. Naval Academy has putting together a compendium of short biographical essays focusing on naval (Navy and Marine Corps) personnel who have Embodied certain leadership characteristics.

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Embodied Minds Technical Environments

This book investigates how humans relate to technology in our modern society, and how our basic assumption of human thought and behavior guide our efforts to improve and control technology. This book shows how this dualism is evident and problematic ...

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Evolution Of Communication And Language In Embodied Agents

This field of research examines how Embodied and situated agents, such as robots, evolve language and thus communicate with each other. This book is a comprehensive survey of the research in this emerging field. The contributions explain the theoreti...

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Wisdom For The Way

Few know the topic of Wisdom as well as best-selling author and pastor Charles Swindoll. For years, he has been sharing his "insights for living" with millions of listeners to his daily radio show of the same name. Wisdom for the Way collects some of...

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Web Wisdom

Mobile technologies, faster connection speeds, and the 24/7 connectivity that has lead to the development of social media have created an explosion of Internet use in the ten years since the initial publication of Web Wisdom: How To Evaluate and Crea...

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CIO Wisdom

What it takes to be a truly great CIO... from the IT leaders who know best What does it take to get to the top in IT today, stay there, and thrive? How do you realign IT to maximize business value, and become a full strategic partner in the organizat...

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Wisdom Energy

Wisdom Energy is a simple and compelling introduction to Buddhism by two Tibetan lamas renowned for their insight and skill in teaching Westerners. Containing an entire meditation course, it goes to t...

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