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Duck Dynasty

If you love the show you will love reading this guide on The Robertson family and the show.

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Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si

Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si, this book is packed full of pictures and stories. See pictures of Si's wife and kids and of course America's favorite uncle, Si Roberson of Duck Dynasty. Get provocative insig...

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From the Eider duck to the Brazilian teal to the familiar mallard, duck species are richly diverse, and in Duck Victoria de Rijke offers a comprehensive overview of their evolutionary history, as well...

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Dynasty's End

The Boston Celtics of the Bill Russell era were one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. During the thirteen years that Hall of Fame center Russell dominated the court, the Celtics won eleven world championships, including an unprecedented ei...

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D Is For Duck Calls

Say your ABCs Duck Commander style with this picture book perfect for the youngest Duck Dynasty® fans. The Duck Commander family has a unique approach to the alphabet. The world of A&E®’s Duck Dyn...

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Katy Duck

When she attends her first ballet class, a duck who loves to dance is suddenly shy.

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Ford Dynasty

Founded in 1903, Ford Motor Company has enormously impacted the history and development of America, and the world, in the 20th century. What began as a small operation in a converted Detroit wagon factory has become the second largest industrial manu...

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The Corvette Dynasty

An illustrated history of the popular American sports car chronicles technical breakthroughs and provides little known stories, along with fifteen pieces of removable memorabilia.

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The Farmall Dynasty

The developmental history of the tractors built by the dominant agricultural manufacturer of the early 20th Century, International Harvester, is dramatically told in The Farmall Dynasty. The book traces the evolution of the Farmall tractor from the e...

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Korean Dynasty

The dynastic tradition lives on in industrial Korea. No organization exemplifies this more so than the Hyundai group, founded by Chung Ju Yung after World War II and now one of the world's largest, most diversified mercantile empires. In this, the fi...

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The Davis Dynasty

A half-century of Wall Street history as seen through the lives of its most illustrious family This compelling new narrative from bestselling author John Rothchild tells the story of three generations...

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The Duck Commander Family

Presents a behind-the-scenes look at the Roberston family, documenting the teenage romance and marriage of Willie and Korie Robertson, their success as a multi-million dollar hunting equipment busines...

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John Philip Duck

During the Depression, a young Memphis boy trains his pet duck to do tricks in the fountain of a grand hotel and ends up becoming the Duck Master of the Peabody Hotel.

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The Duck Commander Devotional

Revealing the heart and faith of the stars of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty, this 365-day devotional features contributions from the entire Robertson clan that are laced with their trademark wit and hum...

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The Women Of Duck Commander

An Inside Look at the Robertson Women In the pages of this book, you’ll find both fun and inspirational stories . . . Kay shares the honest story of her relationship with Phil—and his wild and phi...

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Manual Dynasty Stoves

Manual is not followed exactly, a re or explosion may . A Guide to the Perfect Flame. Checking . This manual is intended to serve as a guide for the operation .

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Chaos, Violence, Dynasty

In the post-Soviet era, democracy has made little progress in Central Asia. In Chaos, Violence, Dynasty, Eric McGlinchey presents a compelling comparative study of the divergent political courses taken by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan in the...

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Jay Z And The Roc A Fella Records Dynasty

Discusses the life and career of rap artist Jay-Z.

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Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen

Writing a cookbook for people who love good food has been a lifelong dream for me—and I’m so happy to be sharing some of our family’s favorite recipes with you! In this book you’ll find everyt...

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The Search For The Pink Headed Duck

The author sets out on an eventful, bizarre search for an extremely rare duck, travelling India on the Brahmaputra river in a wooden skiff, only to discover that the journey itself is the true object of his quest

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