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The Duck Commander Devotional

Revealing the heart and faith of the stars of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty, this 365-day devotional features contributions from the entire Robertson clan that are laced with their trademark wit and hum...

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The Search For The Pink Headed Duck

The author sets out on an eventful, bizarre search for an extremely rare duck, travelling India on the Brahmaputra river in a wooden skiff, only to discover that the journey itself is the true object of his quest

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The Duck Commander Family

Presents a behind-the-scenes look at the Roberston family, documenting the teenage romance and marriage of Willie and Korie Robertson, their success as a multi-million dollar hunting equipment busines...

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The Women Of Duck Commander

An Inside Look at the Robertson Women In the pages of this book, you’ll find both fun and inspirational stories . . . Kay shares the honest story of her relationship with Phil—and his wild and phi...

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Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen

Writing a cookbook for people who love good food has been a lifelong dream for me—and I’m so happy to be sharing some of our family’s favorite recipes with you! In this book you’ll find everyt...

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From the Eider duck to the Brazilian teal to the familiar mallard, duck species are richly diverse, and in Duck Victoria de Rijke offers a comprehensive overview of their evolutionary history, as well...

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The Runner's Devotional

Ever wondered if there’s a purpose to your running and what it has to do with your spiritual life? The Runner’s Devotional will inspire you in your faith while encouraging you to excel at the sport you love! This book is for runners of all levels...

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Duck Dynasty

If you love the show you will love reading this guide on The Robertson family and the show.

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The Single Mom's Devotional

When Carol Floch realized that her marriage was about to end and that she was about to join the ranks of moms left to raise their children on their own, she could not stop crying. She mourned her shat...

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Katy Duck

When she attends her first ballet class, a duck who loves to dance is suddenly shy.

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Kingdom Man Devotional

Kingdom Man Devotional is based on the principles and concepts presented in the book Kingdom Man. For the man who wants to be the leader that God has called him to be, this 90-day devotional will help him explore the scriptural mandate to exercise do...

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Your Pregnancy Devotional

There are many books that show you how to nurture your body and the precious life growing inside of you, but Your Pregnancy Devotional shows you how to nurture your spirit, as well as the spirit of your unborn child. In this stunning devotional, you ...

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D Is For Duck Calls

Say your ABCs Duck Commander style with this picture book perfect for the youngest Duck Dynasty® fans. The Duck Commander family has a unique approach to the alphabet. The world of A&E®’s Duck Dyn...

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Unto The Hills: A Daily Devotional

For peace, for strength, for courage and inspiration, look UNTO THE HILLS Day by day, you can join the nation’s most beloved spiritual leader for a moment of quiet and reflection — a Scripture, a ...

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John Philip Duck

During the Depression, a young Memphis boy trains his pet duck to do tricks in the fountain of a grand hotel and ends up becoming the Duck Master of the Peabody Hotel.

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Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si

Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si, this book is packed full of pictures and stories. See pictures of Si's wife and kids and of course America's favorite uncle, Si Roberson of Duck Dynasty. Get provocative insig...

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My Utmost Devotional Bible

Millions have been inspired by his beloved classic, My Utmost for His Highest, returning to it time and again for spiritual strength and encouragement. Finally, the matchless wisdom of Oswald Chambers...

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Devotional Classics Of C. H. Spurgeon

This volume contains not one year, but two years of morning and evening devotions. For 366 additional pages of devotions have been selected from Spurgeon's writings, most of them from his Treasury of ...

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The One Year At His Feet Devotional

The sayings of Jesus are the core of these 365 devotions from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. Each day's devotion contains a Bible verse and reflective thought. Through thought-provoking concepts and questions on many topics--from what it really mean...

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The Book Lover's Devotional

If you like books, you’ll love The Book Lover’s Devotional—a collection of 60 readings that draw engaging, contemporary spiritual points from literature. From All Quiet on the Western Front to Little House on the Prairie, from In His Steps to P...

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