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Dollar Bill Origami

Step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams show paper folders at all levels of expertise how to fashion 37 origami models from dollar bills. Beginners will enjoy making a boat and a butterfly. Windm...

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Anything For A Dollar

What would you do to make a buck? They are the objects of desire—dancing on the bar or on boxes at circuit parties, performing for either the video camera or their own webcams, or coming to you for ...

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Sand Dollar

What if you lost your true soul mate? Would your love ever truly die? Not if you are Noah Hartman, who refuses to let go of Robin after she inexplicably abandons their love and disappears from his life seemingly forever, her hidden secret yet to be d...

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The Billion Dollar BET

The story of Black Entertainment Television and its creator traces the network's rise to a multi-billion-dollar empire, describes Johnson's humble origins and education through his work as a cable ind...

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Dollar Bahu

Vinuta marries Girish, and starts living with his family in Bangalore. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father in law and mother in law Gourramma. Then Gouramma decides to visit her US based son and daughter in law, and ...

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Crashing The Dollar

"In this eye-opening book, Craig and Lowell show what a crash of the dollar and other currencies would be like. They tell how America can avoid this economic disaster. They explain how you and your fa...

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The Ring

In Germany engulfed by war and hatred, the beautiful wife of an influential banker fell in love with a German author. His Jewish heritage led them both to death. The husband who survives her lives on ...

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The Little Book Of The Shrinking Dollar

With the weakening dollar a hot topic for retirees, savers, and investors, this Little Book delves into the economic turmoil in the U.S. and shows how to survive it The United States dollar is losing ...

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Million Dollar Throw

Eighth-grade star quarterback Nate Brodie is frantic to win a million dollars by completing a pass during the halftime of a New England Patriot's game to help his family and his best friend Abby who i...

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The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy

America's economy is in shambles . . . Its citizens are terrified and dissatisfied . . . Could it all have been planned by a secret elite one hundred years ago? The New World Order. Hitler referred to...

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Million Dollar Hire

Tools for translating recruiting and hiring decisions into financial returns Even in a down economy, U.S. business and government make millions of hiring decisions every year. Every decision carries r...

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Million Dollar Bash

Documents the story behind Dylan's seminal "basement tapes" of revered and misunderstood works made during casual sessions while he was out of touch in the summer of 1967, in an account that analyzes ...

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Making Sense Of The Dollar

Has the greenback really lost its preeminent place in the world? Not according to currency expert Marc Chandler, who explains why so many are—wrongly—pessimistic about both the dollar and the U.S. economy. Making Sense of the Dollar explores the ...

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The Billion Dollar Molecule

Join journalist Barry Werth as he pulls back the curtain on Vertex, a start-up pharmaceutical company, and witness firsthand the intense drama being played out in the pioneering and hugely profitable ...

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The Billion Dollar Mistake

Important investment lessons gleaned from the mistakes of accomplished professional investors and billionaire businessmen The Billion Dollar Mistake is an up-close account of the career-defining mistakes that some of the world's most brilliant billio...

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The $10 Trillion Dollar Opportunity

This logically structured book takes a no-nonsense approach to exploring and addressing a topic that is often misunderstood and at times overwhelming for business owners and their advisors alike--the ...

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One Hundred Dollar Startup

Shares advice for transitioning away from unfulfilling jobs to embark on adventurous, meaningful careers, outlining recommendations for starting a personal business with a minimum of time and investme...

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The Ring And The Cross

The impact of Christianity on Tolkien's oeuvre, with particular reference to The Lord of the Rings. An articulate and authoritative analyses of Tolkien's Roman Catholicism and the role it plays in understanding his writings. The volume's contributors...

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The Serpent's Ring

Evan and Claire Jones are typical teenagers, forced to go with their parents to yet another boring museum ... that is, until something extraordinary happens to make their day a little more than interesting. After following a strange little creature i...

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The Ring Of McAllister

Unlike other SAT preparation books, The Ring of McAllister incorporates key SAT vocabulary right into the story. So rather than memorize lists and definitions, you learn the words in context. SAT words are defined in a glossary at the back of the boo...

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