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Courts recognize that those who are involved in medico-legal proceedings have a stake in the outcome of their psychological assessment, regardless of whether they are high- or low-functioning individuals. Accounting for the validity of the evaluation...
Title Intellectual Disability
Category Criminal justice, Administration of
Author Michael D. Chafetz
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pub Date 2015-04-06
Number of Page 224
ISBN 9780199998111
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Oxford Handbook Of Learning And Intellectual Disability Nursing

Intellectual Disability nurses can be found working and supporting people in a variety of different care contexts. These include the healthcare system, social care and education, as well as the private sector (including voluntary and not for profit o...

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Art And Disability

This book argues that the arts are most effective when they are in service of social growth, which is so critical to identity formation and advances art education as a tool to achieve this end.

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A journalist's passionate expose of the media's portrayal of the disabled.

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Disability In Japan

Disability and chronic illness represents a special kind of cultural diversity, the "other" to "normal" able-bodiedness. Most studies of Disability consider Disability in North American or European contexts; and studies of diversity in Japan consider...

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A groundbreaking work of interdisciplinary scholarship examining the incarceration and segregation of people with disabilities the United States and Canada.

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Digital Disability

Media representation of and for the disabled has been recharged in recent years with the expansion of new media worldwide. Interactive digital communications—such as the Internet, new varieties of voice and text telephones, and digital broadcasting...

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Pain And Disability

Pain--it is the most common complaint presented to physicians. Yet pain is subjective--it cannot be measured directly and is difficult to validate. Evaluating claims based on pain poses major problems for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and ...

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Psychology Of Disability

The realities surrounding the psychological experience of Disability, plus the intervention techniques used to resolve some of the problems, have changed dramatically since the publication of the first edition of this classic text. This revised editi...

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This book tells the stories of nine disabled leaders who, by force of personality and concrete achievement, have made us think differently about Disability. Whatever direction they have come from, they share a common will to change society so that di...

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