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Designing Denuclearization

This work canvasses nuclear weapon abolition, proposals placed on the table since 1945 and the obstacles and issues which a realistic program for abolition confronts today. It has an ambitious purpose, to show that nuclear abolition can and should be...

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Designing For The Digital Age

Whether you’re designing consumer electronics, medical devices, enterprise Web apps, or new ways to check out at the supermarket, today’s digitally-enabled products and services provide both great...

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Designing Clothes

Fashion is all around us: we see it, we buy it, we read about it, but most people know little about fashion as a business. Veronica Manlow considers the broader signifi cance of fashion in society, th...

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Designing Geodatabases

This guide to creating a dynamic GIS data model helps database managers design a schema that has comprehensive and descriptive query definitions, a user-friendly cartographic display, and increased pe...

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Designing For Learning

Introducing CLD — Constructivist Learning Design — a new and different way of thinking about learning and teaching.

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Designing Care

Today's health-care providers face growing criticism from policy makers and patients alike. As costs continue to spiral upward and concerns about quality of care escalate, the debate has focused on how to finance health care. Yet funding solutions ca...

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Designing BSD Rootkits

"Designing BSD Rootkits" introduces the fundamentals of programming and developing rootkits under the FreeBSD operating system. Written in a friendly, accessible style and sprinkled with geek humor and pop culture references, the author favors a "lea...

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Designing Your Organization

Designing Your Organization is a hands-on guide thatprovides managers with a set of practical tools to use when makingorganization design decisions. Based on Jay Galbraith’swidely used Star Model, the book covers the fundamentals oforganization des...

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Designing Interfaces

Despite all of the UI toolkits available today, it's still not easy to design good application interfaces. This bestselling book is one of the few reliable sources to help you navigate through the maze of design options. By capturing UI best practice...

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Designing & Delivering

Tells how to adapt style and content to the audience

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Designing With Models

The newly updated guide to design process modeling techniques Designing with Models, Third Edition is the revised, step-by-step guide to basic and advanced design process modeling. This comprehensive ...

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Designing Architecture

Designing Architecture is an indispensable tool to assist both students and young architects in formulating an idea, transforming it into a building, and making effective design decisions. This book p...

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Designing E Government

To date, governments have widely recognised the potential of new information and communication technologies (ICT) to bring about fundamental renewal, not only in their ways of functioning but also in their attitude towards other organisations, societ...

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Designing Things

When and why did the turntable morph from music machine to musical instrument? Why have mobile phones evolved changeable skins? How did hip-hop videos inspire an edgy new look for the Cadillac? The an...

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Designing Furniture

"Designing Furniture covers every step in the design process from inspiration to construction strategy, including learning from established styles, creating plans for unique furniture, and choosing among construction options. the practical, process-o...

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Designing For Interaction

Describes effective approaches to interaction design, with information on developing a design strategy, conducting research, analyzing the data, creating concepts, and testing and deployment.

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Designing Community

Urban development sites can become battlegrounds as a result of the conflicting interests of developers and communities. In the USA, design charrettes are often used as a means of bringing people toge...

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Designing For The IPad

Get in the game of developing successful apps for the iPad Designing for the iPad presents unique challenges for developers and requires an entirely different mindset of elements to consider when creating apps. Written by a highly successful iPad sof...

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Designing The Seaside

In Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, a seaside resort was the setting for thievery and intrigue. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap-danced their way to fame at a Brighton resort in The Gay Divorc...

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Designing With Web Standards

Best-selling author, designer, and web standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman has revisited his classic, industry-shaking guidebook. Updated in collaboration with co-author Ethan Marcotte, this third ed...

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