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Celebrity In Death

#1 New York Times bestselling author J.D. Robb knows that some roles are to die for… Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no party girl, but she’s managing to have a reasonably good time at the celebrity-pack...

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Loyalty In Death

New York detective Eve Dallas searches for the bomber who threatens to make his destruction personal

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When Death Comes Knockin

We all know if you hear a knock on your door you're supposed to ask who it is or look through your peephole before you turn the doorknob to let who or whatever it is inside. Somehow the people in a little town called Spiritsville were in for an evil ...

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Purity In Death

Eve Dallas must face the impossible: someone has unleashed a computer virus that may be able to spread from machine to man.

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The Meanings Of Death

A major contribution to debates about the value of death and its place in Western and Eastern religions is presented by this work's belief that religious and secular attitudes can support and reinforce one another through their attitudes towards deat...

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The House Of Death

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson had been searching for their dream home for many years with little luck. Mr. Jackson thought that if they were to look in the countryside area instead of the city they could get more land and house for their buck. Mr. Jackson was...

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Death Of The Cheating Man

A revealing look into the minds of two men—one a celebrity addicted to cheating and the other a reformed cheating man—as they learn how to remain faithful. Death of the Cheating Man—A revealing ...

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Death Watch

The topics covered in this volume include: how capital cases are different in the legal process how death penalty offenders are selected the selective application of the death penalty to women and juv...

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Death From The Heavens

Death from the Heavens is a survey of strategic bombardment from its beginnings to date. It covers the theory, hardware, and operations of this specialized type of warfare. It is based on both primary...

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Who Fears Death

Born into post-apocalyptic Africa to a mother who was raped after the slaughter of her entire tribe, Onyesonwu is tutored by a shaman and discovers that her magical destiny is to end the genocide of h...

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Death's Shadow

"Bare light bulbs shone against walls painted with graffiti and dried blood, the rooms reeking of a sweet pungent odour like burnt plastic ... " So writes award-winning Hamilton Spectator journalist and author Jon Wells in one of four harrowing murde...

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Love & Death

A stunning and groundbreaking investigation into the death of one of the great rock icons of our times -- revealing new evidence that points to a terrible conclusion. On Friday, April 8, 1994, a body was discovered in a room above a garage in Seattle...

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Death And The Dervish

Death and the Dervish is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of Sheikh Nuruddin, a dervish at a Sarajevo monastery in the eighteenth century during the Turkish occupation. The spiritual leader of a group of Moslems, Sheikh Nuruddin h...

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Death By China

The world's most populous nation and soon-to-be largest economy is rapidly turning into the planet's most efficient assassin. Unscrupulous Chinese entrepreneurs are flooding world markets with lethal ...

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Between Death And Life

Dolores has accumulated information about the Death experience and what lies beyond through 16 years of hypnotic research and past-life therapy. While retrieving past-life experiences, hundreds of subjects reported the same memories when experiencing...

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A Death In Jerusalem

An account of the 1948 assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, a Swedish U.N. mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict, discusses his murder by the Israeli Stern Gang, whose membership included Yitzhak ...

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Unnatural Death

When a terminally ill woman dies much earlier than expected, Lord Peter suspects murder Though never quick-witted, Agatha Dawson had an iron constitution and a will to fight that never abated in her o...

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Death Of A Dustman

When Fergus Macleod, Lochdubh's abusive, drunk dustman is put in charge of the local recycling centre and is dubbed the 'Environment Officer', Hamish Macbeth smells trouble. Sure enough, Fergus, imbue...

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Death Of A Charming Man

All Sergeant Hamish Macbeth wants to do is fish and drink coffee with his fiance. Then a mysterious stranger moves into the neighboring village--a rich, unmarried heartbreaker, causing rivalry among t...

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Death Of A Celebrity

Lochdubh, remotely nestling in the Highlands, is perfectly anonymous ... until well-known TV reporter Crystal French races into town in her bright new BMW. And PC Hamish Macbeth, dourly wed to duty ra...

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