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The Boy And His Death

In the poignant memoir The Boy and His Death, a mother chronicles her three-year journey as her young son is diagnosed with and battles testicular cancer. Marga Beukeboom had never even heard of testi...

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Sex And Death

In this introduction to philosophy of biology, Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths present both the science and the philosophical context necessary for a critical understanding of the debates shaping biology at the end of the 20th century.

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The Death Of "Why?"

The spirit of inquiry is the engine of democracy. The democratic process is nothing less than citizens regularly asking what kind of society they want to live in and whom they want to lead them. But more and more people are avoiding the whole messy b...

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Three In Death

Includes these three favorites: Interlude In Death, Midnight In Death, Haunted In Death Number-one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb delivers a potent combination of ...

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Dr. Death

To some, Eldon Mate was evil personified. To others, the former physician was a saint. But someone has turned the mercy-killing "Dr. Death" into a murder victim. When Mate's brutalized corpse is found...

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After The Death Of God

It has long been assumed that the more modern we become, the less religious we will be. Yet a recent resurrection in faith has challenged the certainty of this belief. In these original essays and interviews, leading hermeneutical philosophers and po...

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In Death

In "Naked in Death," Eve Dallas is in over her head when she breaks the rules and falls in love with Roarke, an Irish billionaire and a suspect in her most recent case, and in "Glory in Death," Eve Da...

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The Death Of Wcw

What went wrong with WCW? In 1997, World Championship Wrestling was on top. It was the number-one pro wrestling company in the world, and the highest-rated show on cable television. Each week, fans tuned in to Monday Nitro, flocked to sold-out arenas...

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Death Comes To Pemberley

This enhanced ebook of Death Comes to Pemberley contains video and audio that can be viewed and heard on a tablet device such as the iPad. There is a video interview with P. D. James, a longer audio i...

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Death In The Andes

Set in an isolated, run down community in the Peruvian Andes, Vargas Llosa's riveting novel tells the story of a series of mysterious disappearances involving the Shining Path guerrillas and a local c...

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The Death Of Distance

Examines the ways in which advances in telecommunication will change the way companies do business, governments are run, and families and friends interact

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Put to death on the testimony of witnesses; but one witness is not sufficient . As will be argued in the book, God's civic laws drove people to the Gospel.

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Valley Of Death

Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico in a remote valley something has gone horribly wrong. To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes singing to the moon. When Josey drives his truck do...

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Death In Yellowstone

Intriguing stories of how people have died in Yellowstone warn about the many dangers that exist there and in wild areas in general.

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Mind Beyond Death

"Drawing on a great range of material, this book about death is very much a book about life. The Dzogchen Ponlop [Rinpoche] (born 1965) is known as one of the finest Tibetan teachers of his generation, and he is considered to be as well versed in the...

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A Cold Death

In Paris, American film student Adele Longet is murdered. Aristotle Witzer, a Defense Analyst new to America's Paris embassy, gets a late night call to get a police report. Witzer is drawn into hutnin...

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Driven To Death

"The deepest study yet of one of the least understood phenomena of our time. A scholarly work that read like a page-turner."---Bob Simon, CBS News Chief Middle Eastern correspondent and recipient of the Edward Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting. ...

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The Death Of Socrates

Examines how the trial and death of Socrates has impacted the Western world throughout history.

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Immortal In Death

She'd come to New York to be a cop, because she believed in order. Needed it to survive. She had taken control, had made herself into the person some anonymous social worker had named Eve Dallas. But ...

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Death And Dollars

This volume explores the reasons people save money, how they decide to allocate their wealth once they retire, and how givers select their beneficiaries. It also assesses the extent to which the estat...

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