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Intelligence: high. Body: hard. Mission: what no one else can do. It's been a year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly saw his wife Rachel alive. Now he's received an anonymous phone call claiming Rachel i...
Title The Darkest Hour
Category Fiction
Author Maya Banks
Publisher Penguin
Pub Date 2010-09-07
Number of Page 304
ISBN 1101443170
Read 29
Last Read 2014-11-06 19:29:15
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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour takes us back to the story of Dawn's grandmother Lillian, and a thriving plantation called The Meadows. Lillian's happy life is shattered when her sister Emily reveals the shocking secret of her birth. And her heart is torn anew when, in...

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The Darkest Lie

Forced to his knees in agony whenever he speaks the truth, Gideon can recognize any lie—until he captures Scarlet, a demon-possessed immortal who claims to be his long-lost wife. He doesn't remember the beautiful female, much less wedding—or bedd...

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The Darkest Passion

For weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence. An angel—demon-assassin—has been sent to kill him. Or has she? Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn't bear to harm him. Bu...

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The Darkest Seduction

Immortal warrior Paris, who is possessed by the demon of Promiscuity, finds love with Sienna Blackstone, who is newly possessed by the demon of Wrath, but an ancient blood feud threatens to tear them ...

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The Darkest Hours

With the assistance of his old girlfriend Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. The Black Cat, Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man, takes on the Ancients, a powerful race of mysterious creatures that prey on hu...

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The Darkest Jungle

A vivid recollection of the treacherous 1850 journey across the Darien Gap recreates the starvation, disease, and exhaustion that dogged twenty-nine men during their trek across mountains and jungles....

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The Darkest Night

Traces the events of the night in 1973 when two men kidnapped eleven-year-old Amy Burridge and her eighteen-year-old sister Becky, raped Becky, and threw both sisters over a bridge into a river near C...

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Darkest Fear

Life isn't going well for Myron Bolitar. His business is struggling, and his father, recently recovered from a heart attack, is facing his own mortality - and forcing Myron to face it too. Then Emily ...

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Into The Darkest Corner

Catherine Bailey has been enjoying the single life long enough to know a catch when she sees one. Gorgeous, charismatic and spontaneous, Lee seems almost too perfect to be true. And her friends clearl...

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In Darkest Alaska

Before Alaska became a mining bonanza, it was a scenic bonanza, a place larger in the American imagination than in its actual borders. Prior to the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, thousands of scenic adventurers journeyed along the Inside Passage, ...

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