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Crisis Of Conscience

A former member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses gives unique insight into the authority structure of that religion. though originally written in 1983, the subsequent years reveal a persis...

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Without Conscience

Most people are both repelled and intrigued by the images of cold-blooded, conscienceless murderers that increasingly populate our movies, television programs, and newspaper headlines. With their flag...

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In this fourteenth volume of the popular Readings in Moral Theology series, editor Charles Curran deals with the important issue of conscience. In keeping with the ethos of the series, he has gathered together the most pertinent, already published ar...

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Shocking The Conscience

A reporter discusses his coverage of the civil rights movement, focusing on the death of Emmett Till.

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Constitutional Conscience

While many recent observers have accused American judges—especially Supreme Court justices—of being too driven by politics and ideology, others have argued that judges are justified in using their...

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The Conscience Of A Conservative

In 1960, Barry Goldwater set forth his brief manifesto in The Conscience of a Conservative. Written at the height of the Cold War and in the wake of America's greatest experiment with big government, ...

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Conscience Of A Conservative

The Conscience of a Conservative reignited the American conservative movement and made Barry Goldwater a political star. It influenced countless conservatives in the United States, and helped lay the foundation for the Reagan Revolution in 1980. It c...

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A Call To Conscience

Unlike earlier U.S. interventions in Latin America, the Reagan administrations attempt to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua during the 1980s was not allowed to proceed quietly. Tens of ...

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Rebel With A Conscience

"This book is about the real experiences of a true rebel - a scientist, business executive, politician, citizen activist - who successfully challenged the powers-that-be in business and government to further justice and environmental health worldwide...

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Conscience And Calling

This volume probes the meaning and ethical implications of the powerful symbol of vocation from the vantage of contemporary Catholic women, with particular attention to the experiences of women religi...

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Conscience Of A Conspiracy Theorist

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theoristseeks to show how governmental deceit and (corporate-controlled) media silence have combined to keep the public misinformed about shocking events in American history...

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Fulfillment Using Real Conscience

Winner of The National Best Book 2009 Awards(in Health:Psychology/Mental Health category) sponsored by USA Book News.Fulfillment Using Real Conscience is a groundbreaking work of insight, inspiration ...

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Pilgrims In Medicine: Conscience,Legalism And Human Rights

This arrestingly novel work develops a normative synthesis of medical humanities, virtue ethics, medical ethics, health law and human rights. It presents an ambitious, complex and coherent argument for the reconceptualisation of the doctor-patient re...

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American Dissidents: An Encyclopedia Of Activists, Subversives, And Prisoners Of Conscience 2 Volumes

The two-volume American Dissidents: An Encyclopedia of Activists, Subversives, and Prisoners of Conscience is a work that is as interesting as it is important, spotlighting men and women who are heroes to some, outlaws and villains to others. The 150...

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From Crisis To Crisis

The global financial system has proven increasingly unstable and crisis-prone since the early 1980s. The system has failed to serve either creditors or debtors well. This has been reinforced by the global financial crisis of 2008, where we have seen ...

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Oil Crisis

Dr. Campbell is renowned for the book he published ... , The Coming Oil Crisis. That analysis has been proved right! Now the crisis has come, so we have Oil Crisis. From the vantage point of a lifetim...

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In And Out Of Crisis

Our world is in the grips of the most calamitous economic crisis since the Great Depression - and its epicentre is the imperial United States. In this groundbreaking analysis of the meltdown, renowned...

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The Crisis

The Crisis, founded by W.E.B. Du Bois as the official publication of the NAACP, is a journal of civil rights, history, politics, and culture and seeks to educate and challenge its readers about issues...

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Art In Crisis

The history of art from the early nineteenth century on-ward is commonly viewed as a succession of conflicts between innovatory and established styles that culminated in the formalism and aesthetic au...

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Beyond State Crisis?

"The excellent scholarly studies in [Beyond State Crisis?] offer both in-depth focus on specific countries and problems and useful comparative speculation regarding similarities and differences betwee...

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