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Cost Accounting

Rev. ed. of: Cost accounting: a managerial emphasis / Charles T. Horngren ... [et al.]. 13th ed.

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Why Does College Cost So Much?

Much of what is written about colleges and universities ties rapidly rising tuition to dysfunctional behavior in the academy. Common targets of dysfunction include prestige games among universities, g...

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Cost Of Capital

Praise for Cost of Capital, Fourth Edition "This book is the most incisive and exhaustive treatment of this critical subject to date." —From the Foreword by Stephen P. Lamb, Esq., Partner, Paul, Wei...

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Ise Principles Of Cost Acc

Vanderbeck provides readers with a thorough, but concise, understanding of concepts, behavior, and accounting techniques applicable tomanufacturing cost systems.

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Low Cost Electrification

This paper looks at why efforts to provide electricity to poor households have had only limited success and recommends some appropriate solutions and contains a complete review of the problems faced b...

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Cost And Management

Issues for Jan. 1961-June 1968 include the Society of Industrial and Cost Accountants of Canada's S.I.C.A. news; July/Aug. 1968 the Society's SIA news; Sept. 1968-Feb. 1969 include the Society of Indu...

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Low Cost Automation

The Symposium sought to cover a number of methods used to achieve low cost automation in industry today. The first half of the volume deals with the techniques developed to provide a low cost alternat...

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The Cost Of Globalization

Over the past 25 years, numerous books have been written on the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. But the issues arising from rapid global integration have generally been treated in isolation by most academic works. This volume examines ...

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Cost Concepts

Depreciation = (purchase cost salvage value) years owned. See page 399 for estimated salvage values for machinery. Tractor: salvage value after 10 years is 

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No Matter The Cost

A Rallying Cry for Men to Embrace a Larger Vision of Christian Purpose Vance Brown believes that men today are "discouraged, exhausted, and question their worth," and many fall by the wayside. He face...

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4 X 4 COST Sportsmobile

ARB AIR LOCKERS, Per axle Includes ARB air compressor _____ 2,296. REAR BUMPER- A W/Basket, Brush Guards, Tire Carrier _____. 2,814. C W/Cargo .

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The Cost Of Moral Leadership

In exploring the spiritual dimensions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life and writings, this new book not only fills a crucial gap in Bonhoeffer studies but it also brings to the fore those aspects of his thought that can inform and inspire moral leadershi...

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Cost Studies Of Buildings

This practical guide to cost studies of buildings has been updated and revised throughout for the 5th edition. New chapters have been added on the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM) for order of cost estimating and elemental cost planning, and on th...

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Cost Of Capital In Litigation

Cost of Capital in Litigation addresses cost of capital issues in litigation and discusses major decisions, highlighting how to avoid errors that have often been made by experts. The book helps the at...

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Management And Cost Accounting

The aim of this seventh edition is to explain the principles involved in the design and evaluation of management and cost accounting information systems.

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Principles Of Cost Accounting

This text provides students with a thorough, but abbreviated, understanding of concepts, behavior, and accounting techniques applicable to manufacturing cost systems. It is designed for the brief cost...

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Cost Accounting For Dummies

The easy way to get a grip on cost accounting Critical in supporting strategic business decisions and improving profitability, cost accounting is arguably one of the most important functions in the ac...

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Cost Affordable Titanium

Titanium and titanium alloys are used in many demanding applications in aerospace and terrestrial systems because of their excellent combination of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Howe...

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Cost Of Capital Workbook

Proven, practical techniques for estimating the cost of capital "I would recommend Cost of Capital and the companion Cost of Capital Workbook as excellent tools for passing the various professional ex...

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Cornerstones Of Cost Management

Hansen/Mowen's CORNERSTONES OF COST MANAGEMENT demonstrates the dynamic, exciting nature of cost accounting in today's changing business environment. The text first covers functional-based cost and co...

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