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This Third Edition to Peter Block's Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years ago. It tackles the challenges next-generation consultants face, including more guidance on how to as...
Title Flawless Consulting
Category Business & Economics
Author Peter Block
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pub Date 2011-01-31
Number of Page 376
ISBN 1118000870
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Last Read 2016-07-11 00:41:18
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Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, Flawless follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed...

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Plunkett's Consulting Industry Almanac 2007: Consulting Industry Market Research, Statist

Covers trends in Consulting in such fields as marketing, information technology, management, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and health care. This guide contains contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites...

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VPL HW55ES Flawless, Cinematic Detail: Full HD 3D

Synchronised with our 3D glasses . Manual, V:+/-71% / H:+/-25% . are the property of their respective owners. Sony. The clear choice for 3D home cinema.

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Where's The V In NFC? PSE Consulting

Nov 6, 2012 - Who is making money? What role can acquirers play? November 2012. 2. Mike Hendry Samsung Galaxy S II (some) and S III . Turkcell T11/ZTE Racer II Adjust pricing models to take into account new transaction types.

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Consulting With Nonprofits

At last! A comprehensive guide to the art, craft, and business of Consulting with nonprofits and community groups . . . Nonprofit Consulting requires specialized skills and knowledge of how the sector...

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Performance Consulting

In 1995 the first edition of Performance Consulting introduced a concept which has since become a cornerstone of the human resource, learning and organizational development fields: training and HR solutions do not take place in a vacuum but must be t...

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The Consulting Bible

Everything you need to know about building a successful,world-class Consulting practice Whether you are a veteran consultant or new to the industry, anentrepreneur or the principal of a small firm, The ConsultingBible tells you absolutely everything ...

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Consulting Mastery

You know you're good at what you do, so why aren't you the hottest property in town? Consulting Mastery teaches you the secrets that set Master Consultants apart from the merely competent: * learn abo...

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Security Consulting

Since 9/11, business and industry has paid close attention to security within their own organizations. In fact, no other time in modern history has business and industry been more concerned with secur...

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Consulting For Dummies

Consulting For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes a reorganization and narrower focus of the topic, with new or updated information that delves into the specifics of running your own Consulting business. T...

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