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The book that inspired the movie Collapse. The world is running short of energy-especially cheap, easy-to-find oil. Shortages, along with resulting price increases, threaten industrialized civilizatio...
Title Confronting Collapse
Category Nature
Author Michael C. Ruppert
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing
Pub Date 2009-12-15
Number of Page 264
ISBN 9781603582995
Read 19
Last Read 2014-10-25 13:18:12
Tags Confronting The War Machine, Confronting Conflict, Confronting Reality Pdf, Confronting Conflict Resolution, Confronting Conflict In The Workplace

Down To The Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse

"The real fault line in American politics is not between liberals and conservatives.... It is, rather, in how we orient ourselves to the generations to come who will bear the consequences, for better and for worse, of our actions." So writes David Or...

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Confronting War

This immensely successful textbook is broken into four parts. Part One: Introduction to the War Problem discusses the nature of the war problem, the conceptual framework, and the historical framework....

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Confronting Reality

The tectonic plates of business are shifting and the result is a new reality in what it takes to run a profitable, successful business. The authors of Execution show what it takes to muster the intell...

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Confronting Development

Since the 1980s, Mexico has alternately served as a model of structural economic reform and as a cautionary example of the limitations associated with market-led development. Because of the importance of the Mexican experience in continuing debates a...

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Confronting Globalization

There is mounting evidence that the economic globalisation project initiated after the fall of the Soviet Union is not keeping its promise of open societies and a freer exchange of goods, knowledge, ideas and more social justice. In fac, there are st...

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Confronting Jezebel

The obsession for some people to control everything, and everyone, is as old as the biblical account of Queen Jezebel. In this eye-opening classic, newly revised and updated, Steve Sampson shows how the Jezebel spirit--a demonic spirit of control--so...

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Confronting Scale In Archaeology

Without realizing, most archaeologists shift within a scale of interpretation of material culture. Material data is interpreted from the scale of an individual in a specific place and time and then shifts to the complex dynamics of cultural groups ex...

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Confronting Climate Change

This book, which was published in time for the Earth Summit in Brazil in June 1992, is likely to make a huge impact on the political and economic agendas of international policy makers. It summarizes ...

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Confronting Chronic Neglect:

As many as 20 to 25 percent of American adults-or one in every four people-have been victimized by, witnesses of, or perpetrators of family violence in their lifetimes. Family violence affects more people than cancer, yet it's an issue that receives ...

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Confronting Animal Abuse

Confronting Animal Abuse presents a powerful examination of the human-animal relationship and the laws designed to protect it. Piers Beirne, a leading scholar in the growing field of green criminology, explores the heated topic of animal abuse in agr...

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