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Praise for Fraud Casebook Lessons from the Bad Side of Business "I have known Mr. Wells for over twenty years. In my opinion, no one in the world knows more about fraud than he does." -W. Steve Albrec...
Title Fraud Casebook
Category Business & Economics
Author Joseph T. Wells
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pub Date 2007-10-05
Number of Page 480
ISBN 0470178671
Read 58
Last Read 2015-08-12 06:32:44
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Internet Fraud Casebook

Real case studies on Internet Fraud written by real Fraud examiners Internet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit is a one-of-a-kind collection of actual cases written by the Fraud examiners w...

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Financial Statement Fraud Casebook

A comprehensive look at financial statement Fraud from the experts who actually investigated them This collection of revealing case studies sheds clear insights into the dark corners of financial stat...

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Casebook On Torts

Richard Kidner's Casebook on Torts provides a comprehensive selection of concise extracts from the seminal cases in the field. The extracts, which focus on the principles and reasoning behind judicial decisions, are accompanied by engaging author com...

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Casebook For The Foundation

Unique in all the world, the American foundation sector has been an engine of social change for more than a century. In this companion volume to "The Foundation: A Great American Secret," Joel Fleishm...

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Casebook On Contract Law

Jill Poole's bestselling Casebook on Contract Law provides students with a comprehensive selection of case law which addresses all aspects of the subject encountered on undergraduate courses. Extracts have been chosen from a wide range of historical ...

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A Tribology Casebook

A Tribology Casebook is different to other engineering books in that it describes what actually happens under real life operating conditions. By presenting a collection of incidents drawn from practic...

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A Shostakovich Casebook

"A major event.... This Casebook is not only about Volkov's Testimony, it is about music old and new in the 20th century, about the cultural legacy of one of that century's most extravagant social exp...

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Casebook In Abnormal Psychology

Using cases from the authors' files or from case files of other working clinicians, Casebook IN ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY portrays the rich and arresting nature of disorders manifested in real people. Cases illustrate every major DSM-IV category, followed ...

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Surface Engineering Casebook

This book concisely and uniquely encompasses the principles of corrosion and wear as manifested in industrial failures and the solutions offered by surface engineering.

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Casebook Of Clinical Neuropsychology

Casebook of Clinical Neuropsychology features actual clinical neuropsychological cases drawn from leading experts' files. Each chapter represents a different case completed by a different expert. Cases cover the lifespan from child, to adult, to geri...

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