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Most of us are taught from a young age to be winners and avoid being losers. But what does it mean to win or lose? And why do we care so much? Does winning make us happy? Winning undertakes an unprecedented investigation of winning and losing in Amer...
Title Winning
Category Social Science
Author Francesco Duina
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pub Date 2010-08-16
Number of Page 256
ISBN 1400836689
Read 9
Last Read 2016-07-09 11:25:20
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Winning The Next War

Rosen argues that armies and navies are not forever doomed to "fight the last war." Rather, they are able to respond to shifts in the international strategic situation.

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Winning At War

In Winning at War, Christian Potholm explains how seven variables—technology, sustained ruthlessness, discipline, receptivity to innovation, protection of military capital from civilians and rulers,...

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Winning The Un War

Proposes cost-effective measures to address the most pressing security lapses

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Winning Em' Over

A historic shift is occurring in the nature of management. Until recently, bosses could simply use the power of their positions to direct and order their subordinates. However, in today's workplace, w...

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The Winning Way

The Winning Way: Learnings From Sport for Managers is a guidebook that pinpoints factors that lead to success. Harsha and Anita Bhogle list out these factors that ensure proven and consistent results even when the level of competition surges. The boo...

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Beyond Winning

Conflict is inevitable, in both deals and disputes. Yet when clients call in the lawyers to haggle over who gets how much of the pie, traditional hard-bargaining tactics can lead to ruin. Too often, d...

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Winning 42

A book for those who play the game and who want to learn the game.

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Winning Commitment

The inside scoop on how 10 top American companies develop and maintain high-output, committed workforces. Dessler focuses on tools, techniques, and battle strategies that managers and supervisors can ...

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Winning At New Products

The landmark book that defines successful product development has been revised, updated, and expanded for the next generation of product leaders. Cooper demonstrates with compelling evidence why consi...

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Winning At Innovation


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