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Bobbi Brown Beauty

The makeup artist discusses the basics of choosing and applying makeup, advises on personal beauty style, and answers the most common beauty questions

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Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

From Bobbi Brown, world-famous makeup artist, Pretty Powerful is a new kind of makeup manual that starts with who you are, rather than how you look. In this book, Bobbi interviews dozens of real women...

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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules

From best-selling author and famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown comes this definitive beauty book empowering teens and twenty-somethings with age-appropriate makeup tips, style secrets, and self-esteem b...

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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

This is the book that Bobbi Brown's fans have been waiting for: her 25-plus years of makeup styling experience distilled into one complete, gorgeous book. Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basic...

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Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty is the ultimate beauty guide for young women. It takes the mystery out of all those confusing rituals so that you can figure out how to feel happi...

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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual MailChimp

A soft, fluffy, natural-hair brush with long bristles designed to blend eye shadow and eliminate lines of demarcation on the lids after applying multiple shades. It is.

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"Concise and easy to read, the book quickly introduces basic concepts, then moves on to discuss target selection and the drug discovery process for both small and large molecular drugs." —Doody's Re...

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Drugs In Use

Drugs in Use presents pharmacists with a series of 31 clinical case studies designed to explain the reasoning behind therapy decisions. In each case, patient information is followed by questions suitable for self-study or group discussion. Answers to...

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On Drugs

It has been more than twenty years since President Nixon declared the War on Drugs. In On Drugs, David Lenson delivers a scathing indictment of this war as an effort based, like all attempts to eradicate "getting high," on an incomplete understanding...

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Drugs, Oil, And War

Peter Dale Scott's brilliantly researched tour de force illuminates the underlying forces that drive U.S. global policy from Vietnam to Colombia and now to Afghanistan and Iraq. He brings to light the intertwined patterns of drugs, oil politics, and ...

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ADHD Without Drugs

For 20 years, Dr. Sandy Newmark has specialized in successfully treating children diagnosed as having "ADHD" using methods other than psychostimulant medications. Now he has put his best adivce into t...

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A History Of Drugs

Why are some psychoactive substances regarded as ‘dangerous drugs’, to be controlled by the criminal law within a global prohibition regime, whilst others – from alcohol and tobacco, through to those we call ‘medicines’ – are seen and reg...

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The Book Of Drugs

Recounts the addiction and recovery of the world-renowned solo artist and former lead singer and songwriter of Soul Coughing.

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A Brief History Of Drugs

A clear-eyed look at the instrumental role drugs have played in our cultural, social, and spiritual development. • First American publication of the surprising European bestseller. • Examines ever...

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Legalizing Drugs

Discusses issues pertaining to the legalization of drugs, covering the history of drug use and abuse, the war on drugs, potential risks and benefits, the medical marijuana movement, and other related topics, and includes quotes, anecdotes, and discus...

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Drugs In Society

This work focuses on the many critical areas of America?s drug problem, providing a foundation for rational decision making within this complex and multidisciplinary field. Broken into three sections: Understanding the Problem, Gangs and Drugs, and F...

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Chemistry Of Drugs

Discusses current research and advances in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, including drug safety, designer drugs, and the development of new drugs.

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Drugs And Society

Drugs and Society, Ninth Edition, clearly illustrates the impact of drug use and abuse on the lives of ordinary people and provides students with a realistic perspective of drug-related problems in our society. Written in an objective and user-friend...

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Drugs And Crime

A high proportion of crimes committed in Britain are drugs-related, with many offenders having a documented history of drug use. However, the direct link between drugs and crime is often less clear than is supposed and this text attempts to achieve a...

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Drugs Across The Spectrum

Up-to-date and student-oriented, Goldberg's four-color text encourages students to examine the motivation for drug use, social implications of drug use, legal ramifications, and factors affecting how ...

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