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Blood Legacy

The trilogy is complete! Ryan assumes command of the hierarchy, but is increasingly troubled by dark dreams, images that for once do not belong to any of her Kind. With growing concern, Ryan realizes the dreams might belong to one preceding her fathe...

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Blood Lines

It is late autumn 1756, Jacob Murray and a band of rangers are locked in desperate pursuit of a Delaware raiding party that overran and massacred the garrison at Fort Stevens. Among the women and children taken prisoner is Jacob's wife, Maggie. Drive...

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Roman Blood

A thrilling puzzle from the ancient world with real historical characters and based on a case in Cicero's Orations - Roman Blood is a perfect blend of mystery and history by a brilliant storyteller. O...

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Blood Bond

A fatal hazing accident thirteen years ago comes back to haunt the families involved in this first full-length novel featuring fan favorite detective Joe Bashir. Sexy Pakistani-American Detective Joe Bashir is called to a crime scene in the wealthy f...

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Blood On The Snow

"In his investigative account of Palme's still-unsolved murder, the historian Jan Bondeson recreates the assassination and its aftermath. Like the best works of crime fiction, this book puts the victi...

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American Blood

Another installment in the epic Falconer series by the author of the High Country frontier novels follows Hugh Falconer--tracker, trapper, explorer, and mountain man extraordinaire--as he leads an Ame...

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Blood Game

In the aftermath of the murder of a senator's daughter, Eve Duncan is horrified by the killer's tactic of draining the victim's blood, as the case draws her into the web of a serial killer who taunts ...

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Gods Of The Blood

DIVRacist paganism is a thriving but understudied element of the American religious and cultural landscape. Gods of the Blood is the first in-depth survey of the people, ideologies, and practices that...

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Blood And Justice

When sixteen-year-old Jenny James goes missing, and the local police are unable to find her, the girl's frantic mother hires private investigators Jake and Annie Lincoln to search for her daughter. When the body of Jenny's boyfriend is discovered, th...

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Their Blood Runs Cold

Their Blood Runs Cold is entertaining, informative reading that not only enhances our understanding of a unique group of animals, but also provides genuine insight into the mind and character of a res...

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The Loner: Trail Of Blood

The Loner heads back east to pierce a mystery guarded by murderous criminals for hire. Why is his ex-fiancee hiding his children from him? And why is this secret worth killing to keep?

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Blood, Sweat & Payback

The love triangle among Shan, Nick, and Briggen escalates in the wake of Shan's transfer back into Redbone, while Dark's efforts to take over Detroit are threatened by Joy's possession of The List.

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Half Blood Blues

Chip told us not to go out. Said, don't you boys tempt the devil. But it been one brawl of a night, I tell you. The aftermath of the fall of Paris, 1940. Hieronymous Falk, a rising star on the cabaret...

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The Blood Sugar Solution

The #1 bestseller that offers "a ground breaking, science-based, easy-to-follow prescription. Start your journey to healing now!" - Mehmet Oz, MD Dr. Mark Hyman reveals that the secret to losing weigh...

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Blood, Love And Steel

Athos, the famed Musketeer, has become a Paris sideshow. His antics mask a menacing heartache from cruel memories of his first true love, Milady, and he is driven to attempt a suicidal dare that he believes will end his suffering. But his plan backfi...

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Our Hands Are Stained With Blood

From the first 'Christian' persecutions of the Jews in the fourth century to the horrors of the Holocaust, from Israel-bashing in today's press to anti-Semitism in today's pulpits, this shocking and painful book tells the tragic story that every Chri...

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I Am Canada: Blood And Iron

The incredible sacrifices made by Chinese workers building the transcontinental railway are revealed in this powerful novel. Heen's father and grandfather have brought their family in China to the bri...

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Blood Lite II: Overbite

From the Horror Writers Association comes a brand-new collection of darkly humorous tales! The Big Questions of Life (and Death) Can a killer’s basement blood-feast be a tax write-off (under Entertainment)? Not if Vlad the IRS agent nails him first...

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A Taste Of True Blood

True Blood, Alan Ball’s critically acclaimed television adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ bestselling Southern Vampire mysteries, is HBO’s most-watched show since The Sopranos, averaging over 12 m...

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Blood Lite III: Aftertaste

Sink your teeth into a smorgasbord of macabre morsels laced with horrific humor in this all-new Blood Lite collection! Whether you shriek with laughter or scream in fear . . . well, that’s simply a matter of taste. Jim Butcher’s wizardly PI Harry...

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