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Mountain Biking In The Yorkshire Dales

A handy guidebook to 30 short, medium, long and full-day MTB routes across the Yorkshire Dales National Park, one of the best mountain biking playgrounds of northern England. Graded circular rides vis...

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The Urban Biking Handbook

More than ever before, bicycle culture is everywhere: from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, city planners are making big changes to city infrastructure for the increasing numbers of people who are leaving their cars at home and upgrading to two ...

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Alliance Guide To Fundraising Alliance For Biking Walking

Real-world examples, the Alliance is creating a five-part Guide to Fundraising throughout there is not one specific fundraising plan template. Instead, it provides .

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The Last Mountain Man

Accompanied by an elderly mountain man named Preacher, Smoke Jensen, a young boy with a thirst for vengeance, ventures westward from his Missouri farm in pursuit of the enemies that destroyed everythi...

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Go, Tell It On The Mountain

Here are three different Christmas pageants complete with music, staging directions, scenery and costume suggestions, plus pointers about how to organize your event. The pageants are for grades K-8, but one also calls for adults and teens. The first ...

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Under The Mountain

An intelligent, charming collection of vignettes about life in Central Nevada, an area far too seldom written about: its early inhabitants, historical insights, lore of the past, and ranching tales.

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Fifth Mountain

In the ninth century b.c., the Phoenician princess Jezebel orders the execution of all the prophets who refuse to worship the pagan god Baal. Commanded by an angel of God to flee Israel, Elijah seeks ...

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Big Sky Mountain

The First Lady of the West, #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller, brings you to Parable, Montana—where love awaits. With his rugged good looks, vast wealth and family name, hell-ra...

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The Fifth Mountain

Having been published in over 100 countries, translated into 42 different languages, with over 21 million copies of his books sold internationally, Paulo Coelho can truly claim to be one of the most p...

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The Seven Storey Mountain

This beautifully produced commemorative edition includes an account of the book’s original publication by Merton’s editor, Robert Giroux, an Introduction by Merton’s biographer, Father William S...

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The Blair Mountain War

Here, in a reprint of a 1927 literary effort, George T. Swain paints a vivid picture, in his most unique style, of West Virginia in bygone days. Swain was a staunch supporter of the controversial Loga...

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The Whispering Mountain

With the help of some unusual friends, a young boy named Owen tries to restore the Golden Harp of Teirtu to its rightful owner and prevent it from falling into the evil clutches of the sinister Lord M...

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Michelangelo's Mountain

No artist looms so large in Western consciousness and culture as Michelangelo Buonarroti, the most celebrated sculptor of all time. And no place on earth provides a stone so capable of simulating the warmth and vitality of human flesh and incarnating...

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Beyond The Last Blue Mountain

An Exhaustive And Unforgettable Portrait Of India&Amp;Rsquo;S Greatest And Most Respected Industrialist. Written With J.R.D. Tata'S Co-Operation, This Superb Biography Tells The J.R.D. Story From His Birth To 1993, The Year In Which He Died In Switze...

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Banjo On The Mountain

Wade Mainer (b. 1907) is believed to be the longest-lived country entertainer ever. His banjo lessons began in childhood and he played informally into his adult years, when he joined his brother, fiddler J. E. Mainer (1898-1971), in Mainer's Mountain...

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The Mountain Arapesh

For approximately eight months during 1931-1932, anthropologist Margaret Mead lived with and studied the Mountain Arapesh-a segment of the population of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. She ...

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The Mountain Of The Moon

The danger that lurks there, the mystery that shrouds it, the places you cannot run away from nor hide in. Find for yourself the magic and mystery of Africa created by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. A m...

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Mountain Prayers

There's something about the mountains. Being there is one of the most relaxing and awe inspiring experiences one can have. Whether you're biking, camping at a favorite spot high in the mountains, or d...

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Five Mountain Morning

In his second memoir, "Five-Mountain Morning," teacher and writer William Bridges describes a life that has stretched from the Army in postwar Germany to journalism around the world to archaeology on ...

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Moving The Mountain

The role of women in creating social change is illuminated in the stories of Florence Luscomb, Ella Baker, and Jessie Lopez De La Cruz

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