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Free Four

#1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias's point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details ab...

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To Be Set Free

The LORD met me at my point of need...and gave me the words to this book that I might be set free...the more I would sit at my lap top and hear one word at a time...the freer I see they a...

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Into The Free

Just a girl. The only one strong enough to break the cycle. In Depression-era Mississippi, Millie Reynolds longs to escape the madness that marks her world. With an abusive father and a "nothing mama," she struggles to find a place where she really b...

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Go Free Or Die

A biography of the black woman whose cruel experiences as a slave in the South led her to seek freedom in the North for herself and for others through the Underground Railroad.

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Free At Last

Grace is supposed to be amazing, but all too often the Christian life can be more about keeping stuffy rules than enjoying a relationship with Christ. The tendency to add works to salvation has been a thorny problem since the gospel was first preache...

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Free Air

One of the earliest road-trip novels, Free Air tells the story of Claire Boltwood, who travels from New York City to the Pacific Northwest by automobile. She leaves her rich, snobbish family behind and falls in love with a good, down-to-earth man.

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Be Free Where You Are

This compendium of the core teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, based on a talk given at a prison, shows how mindfulness practice can cultivate freedom no matter where you are. So many of us, inmates and ou...

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Free Man

Hunted mercilessly by shadow assassins, The Riddler turns to Batman for help — but even a Riddler on good behavior can’t resist playing games with the Dark Knight.

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Ice Free

Everything you always wanted to know about the technology of EVs in one volume: motors, batteries, controllers, heating, air conditioning, 12 volt systems, plus some topics that aren't discussed widel...

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Be Free

Warren Wiersbe expounds on the Epistle to the Galatians and its central, liberating message of freedom in Christ.

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Free Will

The physiologist Benjamin Libet famously demonstrated that activity in the brain's motor regions can be detected some 300 milliseconds before a person feels that he has decided to move. Another lab recently used fMRI data to show that some "conscious...

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Following his "New York Times" bestseller, "The Long Tail, Free" is another look at the radical new way business is done. . . . [It] shows a new economic model that goes way beyond the old concepts of...

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The Free

One lonely, abused schoolgirl 'occupies' herself.. and happens to set off an explosive social and economic revolution.. Adventure/Thriller.. Maxie rebels and runs away, with the anarcha-feminists, occupiers and gays.. Set during the collapse of capit...

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Among The Free

"Enough games," the man said, raising the gun yet again. "And enough of the Population Police, I say." This time he cocked the gun and aimed carefully. This is real, Luke thought. This is really going to happen. "No, don't!" he screamed. Luke Garner ...

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The Wee Free Men

Meet Tiffany Aching, young trainee witch, and her allies - the fighting pictsies known as the Wee Free Men - in this first novel in a fantastic sequence.

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Set Me Free

After being rescued from the Alliance by her friends, Maddie is surprised to learn that her mother is the leader of the Resistance.

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Die Free

Uncover your past to empower your future!

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Happiness Is Free

A series of seven lessons provides exercises and inspirational messages designed to offer guidance on living with happiness and truth in daily life.

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Talent Wants To Be Free

This timely book challenges conventional business wisdom about competition, secrecy, motivation, and creativity. Orly Lobel, an internationally acclaimed expert in the law and economics of human capit...

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Free To Choose

Argues that free-market forces work better than government controls for achieving real equality and security, protecting consumers and workers, providing education, and avoiding inflation and unemploy...

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