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Beginning EJB 3

Develop powerful, standards-based, back-end business logic with Beginning EJB 3, Java EE 7 Edition. Led by an author team with 20 years of combined Enterprise JavaBeans experience, you'll learn how to use the new EJB 3.2 APIs. You'll gain the knowled...

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Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 With C#

ASP.NET 2.0 is an amazing technology that allows you to develop web sites and applications with very little hassle, and its power and depth enable it to host even the most complex applications available. Using code examples in C#, this invaluable beg...

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Beginning C

With Beginning C: From Novice to Professional, Fourth Edition, you’ll come to understand the fundamentals of the C language and learn how to program. All you need is this book and any one of the widely available free or commercial C or C++ compiler...

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Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 In C#

This book is the most comprehensive and up to date introduction to ASP.NET ever written. Focussing solely on C#, with no code samples duplicated in other languages, award winning author Matthew MacDonald introduces you to the very latest thinking and...

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Beginning PL/SQL

Get started with PL/SQL, the built-in language that every Oracle developer and database administrator must know, in Beginning PL/SQL, a fast-paced and example-filled tutorial. Learn from author Don Bales extensive experience to discover the most comm...

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Beginning ASP.NET MVC 4

By now you’ll have heard of ASP.NET MVC. This exciting new approach to developing ASP.NET web applications has taken the development world by storm over the last few years. Now a mature technology suitable for mainstream use, its adoption has explo...

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Beginning NFC

Jump into the world of Near Field Communications (NFC), the fast-growing technology that lets devices in close proximity exchange data, using radio signals. With lots of examples, sample code, exercis...

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Beginning XML

When the first edition of this book was written, XML was a relatively new language but already gaining ground fast and becoming more and more widely used in a vast range of applications. By the time of the second edition, XML had already proven itsel...

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Beginning Of The End

Beginning of the End The world was stunned and saddened in 1995 when Israel's prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was cruelly and coldheartedly struck down by an assassin's bullet. Rabin, a patriot and war...

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Beginning And The End

In this fascinating journey to the edge of science, Vidal takes on big philosophical questions: Does our universe have a beginning and an end or is it cyclic? Are we alone in the universe? What is the role of intelligent life, if any, in cosmic evolu...

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The Beginning Of Everything

Robyn Schneider's The Beginning of Everything is a witty and heart-wrenching teen novel that will appeal to fans of books by John Green and Ned Vizzini, novels such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower,...

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Beginning VB.NET

What is this book about? Visual Basic .NET is the latest version of the most widely used programming language in the world, popular with professional developers and complete beginners alike. This book will teach you Visual Basic .NET from first princ...

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Football's Dark Side: Corruption, Homophobia, Violence And Racism In The Beautiful Game

Association football is the richest, most popular sport in history with a multicultural global following encompassing all religions. It is also riven with corruption, racism, homophobia and a violence that has for decades resisted all attempts to tam...

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Genesis In The Beginning

Genesis – In The Beginning deals with the origin and diversity of Life and early biological evolution and discusses the question of where (hot or cold sources) and when the beginning of Life took place. Among the sections are chapters dealing with ...

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Beginning Ajax With PHP

Ajax breathes new life into web applications by transparently communicating and manipulating data in conjunction with a server-based technology. Of all the server-based technologies capable of working in conjunction with Ajax, perhaps none are more s...

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Beginning Tagalog

A comprehensive, one-year introductory textbook for Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines. Beginning Tagalog has been designed to meet the specific needs of adult native speakers of English who wish to learn spoken Tagalog, though students ...

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Beginning Objective C

Objective-C is today's fastest growing programming language, at least in part due to the popularity of Apple's Mac, iPhone and iPad. Beginning Objective-C is for you if you have some programming experience, but you're new to the Objective-C programmi...

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Beginning XSLT 2.0

This followup to Jeni Tennison's Beginning XSLT has been updated to accomodate the revised XSLT standard. Part one of this book introduces XML and XSLT at a comfortable pace, and gradually demonstrates techniques for generating HTML (plus other forma...

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Beginning Android 4

Beginning Android 4 is an update to Beginning Android 3, originally written by Mark Murphy. It is your first step on the path to creating marketable apps for the burgeoning Android Market, Amazon's Android Appstore, and more. Google’s Android opera...

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Beginning Oracle SQL

Beginning Oracle SQL is your introduction to the interactive query tools and specific dialect of SQL used with Oracle Database. The book is a revision of the classic Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus by Lex de Haan, and has been updated to cover deve...

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