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Fundamentals Of Body MRI

Fundamentals of Body MRI-a new title in the Fundamentals of Radiology series-explains and defines key concepts in body MRI so you can confidently make radiologic diagnoses. Dr. Christopher G. Roth pre...

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The Subtle Body

A guide to energetic healing features illustrations, terminology, and information about how energetic biology relates to physical well-being, covering such topics as acupuncture, the chakras, reflexology, and magnetism.

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The Body In Pain

Discusses the inexpressibility of physical pain and analyzes the philosophical and cultural aspects of pain, torture, and war

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Literature And The Body

Polemically set against the weightlessness of much recent discourse, this book explores the body as the ultimate testing ground for debates over language's ability to refer to the world.

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Men's Body Sculpting

Men’s Body Sculpting, Second Edition, is your key to getting the lean and chiseled muscular look you’ve always wanted. Bodybuilding expert and featured columnist Dr. Nick Evans provides you with proven programs for generating mass, reducing fat, ...

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Body Parts

It should have been just another routine call for Rye and Claire Anderson, owners of Mad Dash Ambulance Service. But when the DOA they deliver to the hospital goes missing, their routine turns deadly. Greedy doctors involved in black market organ har...

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Men's Body Sculpting, 2E

Achieve the breakthroughs in size for the lean and chiseled muscular look that you've always wanted! Bodybuilding expert Nick Evans presents a proven program for perfecting your physique. More than simply hitting the gym and pumping iron, "Men's Body...

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Body Learning

"The Alexander Technique is now recognized the world over as the most revolutionary and far-reaching method developed for maintaining the health and efficiency of the body."-back cover.

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Body Probe

The Torture Garden follows up its first, club-based book with the sequel Body Probe, an anthology of interviews, features and images exploring the boundaries of the human body at the edge of the new m...

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The Psychology Of The Body

Prepare your students to appropriately identify, understand, and respond appropriately to the phenomenon of emotional release during massage and bodywork! This new edition continues to provide a crucial basis of knowledge for massage therapy and stud...

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The Wise Body

"UK choreographers Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early interview twelve distinguished dancers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who continue to enjoy exceptionally long performing careers. They disc...

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Body, Breath & Being

Body, Breath and Being explores the Alexander Technique through the experiences of those who have studied it and benefited from it. These include: *A keen amateur sportsman who was “reborn” after ...

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The Body Myth

Clinical psychologist Margo Maine has been successfully helping adult women overcome eating disorders and body image problems for over twenty years. In The Body Myth, she explains the toll these probl...

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The History Of My Body

The history of my body is young Fleur Robins' own telling of her quixotic attempts to save her beloved grandfather amid a hectic household composed of a crusading pro-life father with a distaste for a...

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Pediatric Body CT

Dr. Siegel's definitive reference on pediatric body CT is now in its Second Edition—thoroughly revised to reflect the latest techniques and the growing use of CT for pediatric patients. Chapters provide detailed, practical protocols for cardiac, va...

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The Out Of Body Experience

This book opens with the author's experience with the 'Lucid Light Stimulator' in Switzerland. This presents him with his first experience of 'astral travel'. From this he takes the reader on a historical, theological and mystical journey through the...

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Human Body

This exceptional resource offers a broad review of the structure and function of the human body. Each chapter is dedicated to a particular organ system, providing medical and allied health students and professionals with quick and comprehensive cover...

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When Body Language Goes Bad

"Dilbert is easily one of the most clever and consistently funny comics in current circulation. Like all great comic strips, it provides a much-needed daily dose of comedy and, most importantly, keeps...

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MR Angiography Of The Body

Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) continues to undergo exciting technological advances that are rapidly being translated into clinical practice. It also has evident advantages over other imaging mo...

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The 4 Hour Body

Do you want to lose fat, double testosterone, get the perfect posterior or give your partner a fifteen-minute female orgasm? Whatever your physical goal, The 4-Hour Body eclipses every other health ma...

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