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Profiles the four distinct generations in the modern workplace and offers advice for managing effectively in an age-diverse workplace
Title Generations At Work
Category Business & Economics
Author Ron Zemke
Publisher PublicAffairs
Pub Date 2000
Number of Page 280
ISBN 0814404804
Read 76
Last Read 2015-10-06 10:57:51
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Ancestors and descendants of Curtis Burnam Ledford (1876-1983) and his wife, Addie King (b.1885). Ancestors, descendants and relatives lived mainly in Virginia and Kentucky.

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Working Across Generations

The authors provide a range of ideas on how to approach generational shifts in leadership so that the contributions of long-time leaders are valued, new and younger leaders' talent is recognized, and groups are better prepared to Work across generati...

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Three Generations, No Imbeciles

Looks at the case Buck v. Bell, covering the events of the trial and the 1927 Supreme Court case which upheld Virginia's compulsory sterilization of "feebleminded" individuals.

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Mentoring Across Generations

Currently, blame for the difficulties facing youth is too often laid on one particular segment of the community - whether parents, school personnel or the children themselves. However, the problems of today's young people are problems for all generat...

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Generations In Touch

A dilemma long faced by western societies—how to bring the Generations together—is also of growing concern in the east. In Japan, where, until recently, the extended family often lived under the s...

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Entrepreneurship Across Generations

ÔThere is so much to praise in this important and timely book. Drawing on unique, fresh and intimate qualitative studies of families and the complex histories of their lives and businesses, the book will invigorate entrepreneurial studies with its i...

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VW Golf Five Generations Of Fun

The story of the Golf - with a difference! The emphasis is on the hotter hatch, without ignoring the range that made an acknowledged market leader.

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Generations Of Giving

"This look at the stories of thirty multigenerational family foundations explores important questions about the nature and dynamics of these leading social institutions. How do families effectively st...

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Succeeding Generations

Explores the high failure rate and reveals how the family businesses endure through the Generations, and offers advice on how to mentor successors in the family

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Coaching Up And Down The Generations

Coaching allows the satisfaction of saying or doing things that enable another person to achieve his or her goals. In Coaching Up and Down the Generations, Lisa Haneberg presents in her fun and breezy...

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