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Singing and the Actor takes the reader step by step through a practical training programme relevant to the modern singing actor and dancer. A variety of contemporary voice qualities including Belting and Twang are explained, with excercises for each ...
Title Singing And The Actor
Category Performing Arts
Author Gillyanne Kayes
Publisher Psychology Press
Pub Date 2000-01-01
Number of Page 194
ISBN 0878301062
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Last Read 2016-07-20 01:29:06
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Singing For Dummies

Ah, there’s just nothing better than Singing in the shower. The acoustics are perfect and you don’t sound half bad, if you do say so yourself. In fact, with a little practice you could be the next...

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In a time of monumental transition, wrought by European colonialism marching inexorably across the globe, changing the sacred world of the First Nation people forever, journey with Singing Wind, Medicine Woman of the Blackfoot in seventeenth century ...

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The Singing Entertainer

A fantastic reference book for all future and presently performing professionals. Contains helpful information about preparing your act, performing, vocal stamina and fatigue, selling yourself and mak...

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The Night Is Singing

Rhyming text tells of lullabies that can be heard in the sounds of the night, such as a radiator's hiss, a cat's shadowboxing, and a rainstorm's drumming. By the illustrator of City Angel.

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The Singing Neanderthals

An examination of our language instinct. Steven Mithen draws on a huge range of sources, from neurological case studies, through child psychology and the communication systems of non-human primates to the latest paleoarchaeological evidence.

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Singing To The Plants

In the Upper Amazon, mestizos are the Spanish-speaking descendants of Hispanic colonizers and the indigenous peoples of the jungle. Some mestizos have migrated to Amazon towns and cities, such as Iquitos and Pucallpa; most remain in small villages. T...

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The Grass Is Singing

This murder story features a Rhodesian farmer's wife and her houseboy.

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Singing The Dogstar Blues

Seventeen-year-old Joss is a rebel, and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo-Historical Studies. This year, for the first time, the Centre has an alien student? Mavkel, from the ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Singing

Every aspect of Singing and a Singing life is addressed by leading experts from across the industry - from essential aspects of vocal technique and health to choosing a mic, running a sound system, mastering vocal effects, growing a fan base and achi...

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To The Actor

Michael Chekhov's classic work To the Actor has been revised and expanded by Mala Powers to explain, clearly and concisely, the essential techniques for every Actor from developing a character to strengthen awareness. Chekhov's simple and practical m...

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