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Designed for elementary students, this series inspires creativity based on observations and sensory perceptions. Famous works of art and art history introduce thoughtful projects. Covering techniques ...
Title Objects And Meanings
Category Art
Author Unknown
Publisher Evans Brothers
Pub Date 2009
Number of Page 32
ISBN 0237535769
Read 41
Last Read 2016-09-16 11:12:37
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Implicit Meanings

Implicit Meanings was first published to great acclaim in 1975. It includes writings on the key themes which are associated with Mary Douglas' work and which have had a major influence on anthropological thought, such as food, pollution, risk, animal...

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The Meanings Of Death

A major contribution to debates about the value of death and its place in Western and Eastern religions is presented by this work's belief that religious and secular attitudes can support and reinforce one another through their attitudes towards deat...

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The Meanings Of Work

Contrary to the affirmation of the end of labour, The Meanings of Work explore the complexity of the working class today; the sexual division of labour and transversalities between the dimensions of class and gender; globalisation of capital and labo...

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The Meanings Of "Beauty And The Beast"

Using Beaumont’s classic story as a touchstone, this work shows how "Beauty and the Beast" takes on different Meanings as it is analyzed by psychologists, illustrated in picture books, adapted to the screen, and rewritten by contemporary writers. T...

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Color Messages & Meanings

Explains the emotional response to color and covers the latest guidelines for effective color combinations, including the integration of color trends.

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Evocative Objects

Autobiographical essays, framed by two interpretive essays by the editor, describe the power of an object to evoke emotion and provoke thought: reflections on a cello, a laptop computer, a 1964 Ford Falcon, an apple, a mummy in a museum, and other "t...

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The Structure Of Objects

Kathrin Koslicki offers an analysis of ordinary materials Objects, those material Objects to which we take ourselves to be committed in ordinary, scientifically informed discourse. She focuses particularly on the question of how the parts of such obj...

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Objects In Motion

13 yrs+

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500 Glass Objects

On display: the most magnificent collection of handmade glass creations ever assembled! Handmade glass Objects are taking the craft world by storm with their great variety and beauty. Juried by Maurin...

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Enchanted Objects

An MIT Media Lab scientist and founder of Ambient Devices presents a blueprint for a better future where everyday Objects use embedded technology to intuit human needs and improve lives, creating "enchanted Objects."

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