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Examines the rise of economic thinking in the United States after World War II
Title Measuring America
Category Business & Economics
Author Andrew L. Yarrow
Publisher Univ of Massachusetts Press
Pub Date 2010
Number of Page 240
ISBN 9781558498358
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Last Read 2016-08-25 00:43:43
Tags Slavery In North America Compared To South America, Measuring Up Workbook, Measuring Performance Ppt, Measuring And Gaging, Measuring Green

Measuring Broadband America Caida

Walter Johnston f. Chief, EMCD. Office of Engineering &Technology. FCC. The Views Reflect Those of the FCC . accurate data on fixed broadband to the.

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Measuring Up

Measuring Up traces the high levels of poverty and inequality that Mexico faced in the mid-twentieth century. Using newly developed multidisciplinary techniques, the book provides a perspective on liv...

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Measuring Marketing

Evaluating marketing performance and decision making more fairly Marketing has long been considered an art and not a science, but that perception is beginning to change as increasingly sophisticated methods of quantifying marketing success are develo...

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Measuring Literacy:

The National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) is a household survey conducted periodically by the Department of Education that evaluates the literacy skills of a sample of adults in the United Stages ages 16 and older. NAAL results are used to cha...

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Measuring Roots

Combining both academic and practical components, this book covers recent progress in visualization and measurement of roots, which has significantly advanced our understanding of the architecture and behaviour of the hidden half of plants.

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Measuring Colour

"This book is intended to provide the reader with the basic facts needed to measure colour. It is a book about principles, rather than a guide to instruments"--

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Measuring Immunity

Most of the diseases of modern mankind involve either acute or chronic inflammation. Measuring Immunity integrates the current information available on biomarkers and surrogate assays into a single ha...

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Measuring What Matters:

The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act gives funding to cities, states, and other public and private entities to provide care and support services to individuals with HIV and AIDS who have low-incomes and little or no insura...

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Measuring The Immeasurable

The scientific evidence continues to mount to support and question spirituality. An essential collection of new essays and research from today's most compelling pioneers of frontier science.

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Measuring Inequality

What do we mean by inequality comparisons? If the rich just get richer and the poor get poorer, the answer might seem easy. But what if the income distribution changes in a complicated way? Can we use mathematical or statistical techniques to simplif...

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