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"The Land Of The Free” Is No Longer Free The new President of the United States is sharing the wealth, rewriting the Constitution, and changing the National Anthem. America’s liberals are thrilled...
Title Phoenix Rising
Category Fiction
Author William W. Johnstone
Publisher Pinnacle Books
Pub Date 2011-07-01
Number of Page 352
ISBN 9780786028641
Read 34
Last Read 2017-02-06 02:22:45
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Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom

One Nation, Under God--Theirs Eighteen months ago, America was invaded from within--by the self-proclaimed "Army of Allah." Now, U.S. veteran Jake Lantz and a ragtag team of survivalists have built a ...

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The Phoenix Rising From The Ashes = Le Phénix Renaissant De Ses Cendres

The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes is an international, multilingual anthology of 315 sonnets and Persian ghazals in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Persian, featuring over 250 contemporary sonneteers along with several classical sonnets...

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Phoenix Rising Ministry Peculiar Occurrences

Co-authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris ingeniously reimagine England's Edwardian Era in Phoenix Rising--a hilarious, rip-roaring steampunk fantasy romp that the voracious fans of New York Times bestseller Gail Carriger will eagerly devour with grea...

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Digital Phoenix

How the future of the information economy will take place at the intersection of technology, law, and economics; lessons to be learned from the Microsoft antitrust trial, open-source software, and Nap...

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The Book Of The Phoenix

Ever since he can remember, Sebastian Phillips has felt as if he is a special person meant to do something great. As soon as he turns eleven, he finds out why. Even though he was born with cystic fibr...

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The Green Phoenix

Providing the first account of the story behind genetically engineered plants, Paul F. Lurquin covers the controversial birth of the field, its sudden death, Phoenixlike reemergence, and ultimate triu...

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Pale Phoenix

Miranda isn't happy when sullen orphan Abby Chandler comes to live with her family. But Miranda's anger turns to shock when she learns the girl's horrible secret: Abby's parents and sisters were kille...

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Phoenix Cities

'Weak market cities' across European and America, or 'core cities' as they were in their heyday, went from being 'industrial giants' dominating their national, and eventually the global, economy, to being 'devastation zones'. In a single generation t...

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Mexican Phoenix

A paperback of David Brading's comprehensive study of the cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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American Phoenix

Traces the rise, fall, and improbable comeback of a leading founder of the American silk industry, looking at how his knowledge and business acumen helped him establish a successful silk mill, and lat...

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